The most magnificent bridal suite in Somerset

It's renowned for the most magnificent bridal suite in Somerset and the King's Room is a truly magnificent bedroom to spend your wedding night in. Incredibly sumptuous with a huge four poster bed, the 'Great Bed of Maunsel', deep rich red walls, luxurious antique furnishings, a copper bath and old masters on the walls.

If you've always dreamed of a wedding steeped in history and the English countryside you couldn't choose a more perfect venue than Maunsel House in Somerset. With its history dating back to Doomsday, the most recent incumbents have been there since 1772 and take special care to preserve their heritage. It is without doubt, a great party house and comes to life when packed full of people. The atmosphere, flow and configuration of it’s rooms lends an enormous amount to any occasion, helping your family and friends to feel relaxed, comfortable and most of all, at home.

Exclusively yours for the duration of your wedding, with no restrictions on how you wish to celebrate, Maunsel partners with excellent, reasonably priced caterers providing delicious, locally sourced, seasonal food to suit all tastes. You can choose to have your wedding guests stay at the house with you all weekend for a fabulous house party in the 13 beautifully furnished bedrooms.

Published: 01-04-2009

Published By: Rosie


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