Wedding Favours for the natural bride

Flower bulbs or seeds. A gift that grows long after the wedding night is over. The seeds can bear a variety of treats from flowers, to herbs, to chocolate scented blossoms for the chocolate-loving nature girl.

Sachet Wedding Favors. Sachets filled with lavender, freesia, cloves, rose petals, and many other scents that recall a garden in spring

Donate to an environmental charity on behalf of each guest. The gift speaks for itself, and also tells of your passion for a cause.

Fruit. To highlight the season, or showcase a regional specialty.

Loose tea. Drinking tea is a comfort, and brings serenity and peace to frenzied lives. To keep in the theme of celebrating your love, give as favors heart-shaped tea and sugar for your guests to enjoy (heart shaped tea wedding favors).

Flowers in small vases. A single blossom of your favorite flower in a bud vase for each guest. The vases can be incorporated into the centerpiece, or simply placed at each setting (pastel favor vase favors).

Bamboo Shoots. In Chinese culture bamboo shoots represent good fortune. They are also low maintenance plants, and beautiful decorations. Bamboo inspired candleholders or napkin rings can add to an Asian theme as well as symbolize the luck and prosperity associated with the woody plant.

Published: 19-02-2009

Published By: Rosie


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