Sarah & Paul

We're all thinking hugely positive thoughts for Sarah and Paul's wedding this Saturday and watching the weather anxiously because even though nothing will dampen their love, or the day itself, a little bit of sunshine will warm everyone's cockles.

Sarah, a homeopath and course co-ordinator and her partner Paul, an orthodontist live on the beautiful North Devon coast with their three sons Ben, Toby and Harry. They’ve chosen to have a truly local and eco friendly wedding by conducting a spiritual woodland wedding ceremony at Coombe Farm near Tiverton, where they will be joined by family and friends for a mini festival celebration of camping, local food, flowers and music.

Sarah says: "Å“We wanted to have a green wedding because that’s generally the way we live our lives anyway. We like to avoid excess, we’re not big consumers and we want to minimise our impact on the environment. The wedding industry is so full of wastage. It’s not good for the world and it’s not good for us. We’re not being evangelical about it but we have three children and we are aware of our impact on their future.

Our wedding is just one small thing, but think of the impact and the number of people we could influence by setting an example." And instead of having a wedding gift list, their guests are being encouraged to offset the carbon miles they have generated to attend the wedding by paying for trees to be planted by the Woodland Trust.

Keeping the local theme, Sarah's engagement ring was made specially for her by April Doubleday, a British Designer/Maker of contemporary, fair trade and ethical jewellery who also lives on, and gets her inspiration from, the North Devon Coast. The image above shows examples of April's fabulous new collection of Ethical Wedding Rings.

Published: 27-05-2008

Published By: Rosie


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