International Downshifting Week

InterNational Downshifting Week starts tomorrow so "If you are looking for a little help to slow down your pace and enjoy life more, this is the place for you!" says Tracey Smith, Creator "Everybody can get involved and form a united and global movement that supports living and working more sustainably and strives for a proper work/life balance! "

Our ethos here at GreenUnion is very much in line with the Downshifting ethos, encouraging couples to re examine what they are doing and why and to always remember that the wedding day is more about celebrating their Union than about competing to throw the best party in the neighbourhood (of course there's no denying that a good party always goes down well too!).

So check in to the Downshifting website and find out what it's all about, how to take part and get Top 10 Tips for success.

You'll find that a lot of the information, when read and acted upon, in the context of planning your ethical wedding, will make a lot of sense. So if you think the whole idea of trying to 'green' your wedding is all too much, take a down shift in gear, a long walk in the park, have a cuddle with your loved one and remind yourselves why it is that you're getting married...

Published: 18-04-2008

Published By: Rosie


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