Lily-Peds retires

It's with a heavy heart that we announce the retirement of Brockers the Rickshaw and her rider Amy who for the last two years have not only delighted the public on the streets of Exeter, but also enthralled couples and guests alike at many a green and eco friendly wedding in the West Country.

This is in light of new legislation regarding battery assisted rickshaws which means that a bike such as Brockers the Rickshaw must be taxed, licensed, and MOT’d like that of a normal motor vehicle! It's left many pedi-cab companies such as Lily-Peds in limbo. We don't know how this is effecting other pedi-cab companies up and down the country but it certainly doesn't bode well for a budding alternative method of transport to the internal combustion engine and the reduction of CO2 emissions (and government targets?). Whatever happened to encouraging alternative modes of transport?

It also leaves many eco conscious couples in limbo regarding alternative transportation for their wedding days so if any pedi-cab riders and their trusty steeds can afford to keep going we'd love to include them in our directory, so please get in touch if you are one or can recommend one.

You can read more about these new laws here if you're interested or disgusted enough to find out more.

Published: 20-03-2008

Published By: Rosie


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