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Middle Coombe Farm is one of the most sought after venues in the South West and 2018 marks their 10 year anniversary offering intimate sustainable, friendly weddings and 4 Star rated group accommodation.

And to celebrate, they are hosting an exclusive open day on Saturday 20th January, 2018 between 10am and 4pm

PLUS 10% off weddings booked for 2018!

Published: 2018-01-16

Published By: Rosie Ames


We at Green Union are unashamedly going to boast about some news … sound of trumpet in the background.

We are finalists in the UK Blog awards for 2018!

Published: 2018-01-10

Published By: Janice Gordon


Peeking through who said what about THE new engagement (when Harry met the gorgeous Meghan) I was intrigued to see a piece about the actual engagement ring written by Arabel Lebrusan, an ethical jeweller on a mission.

I love it when someone looks into these glam celebrity moments from a sharp authentic angle. While we just look at the press photo and check out the new coat, Arabel is studying the ring via a questioning ethical microscope. 

Published: 2018-01-08

Published By: Janice Gordon


South Farm, the stunning and exclusive farm wedding venue in Hertforshire has two fantastic rare Summer Fridays available … Friday 8th June and Friday 22nd June 2018.

So to celebrate heading into 2018 they are offering a fantastic discount of £2018 (includes VAT) off the cost of your wedding at South Farm on both of these prime Summer dates.  

They are also offering half price venue hire on all remaining weekdays up until the end of July 2018 - a great saving on our standard prices ...

Published: 2017-12-22

Published By: Rosie Ames



mistletoe, yew and holly

wren and robin

frosty twinkles

candlelit nights ...

feasting and celebrating with friends and family ...

Published: 2017-12-21

Published By: Rosie Ames


I have been a bride once but dressing as a guest is harder.

Its your big day so you are looking beautiful you have been pruned, primped, perfumed, and pampered by a team of professionals.

But let us take a longer view of this picture and focus in on your female guests, (like it or not men just pop on a suite and run their hand through their hair ) which is so unfair I know but it’s the truth.

Published: 2017-12-20

Published By: Rosie Ames


We've been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2018 - what a lovely and unexpected surprise! 

How exciting and thank you SO MUCH to those that put us forward, we totally LOVE you for it!

Please vote for us, we'd love to win our category!

Click here to go straight to our voting page - if you choose the top option in the category drop down menu we will get a vote in both categories

Published: 2017-12-08

Published By: Rosie Ames


Say hello to Janice - the new girl on Green Union!


Published: 2017-12-05

Published By: Rosie Ames


How would you know if this stunning location is the perfect spot for you to tie the knot?

Well, you can go and find out if it's the perfect spot for YOU as Welsh Green Weddings is holding a very special 'Private View' over the Easter weekend at the end of March next year, 2018.

They're taking bookings now for this exclusive event!


Published: 2017-11-18

Published By: Rosie Ames


Do you love the ecclectic selection of ethical Jewellers on Green Union?  I’m so proud of the amazingly talented designers showcased in the Wedding Directory.

And Scandinavian design has always been one of my favourites so I’m super excited to introduce you to Norwegian-born designer and maker Stine Ingvoldstad Svendsen.

If you’ve been hooked on those Scandi thrillers and feeling the love, take a look at Stine’s work.

Published: 2017-11-10

Published By: Rosie Ames



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