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Makeup Magic

As a bride your natural beauty will shine through on your wedding day.  Your choice of makeup should enhance your god-given looks without detracting from your natural coloring and features.

When choosing makeup be wary of products claiming to be 'natural' and 'organic' and don't be seduced into buying expensive beauty products. A moisturiser, body lotion and minimal makeup is all you need.

The choice of truly natural makeup has widened considerably since Green Union was founded and you can find a lovely range even on the high street now.  By all means experiment with new products or a new regime in the months running up to the wedding, and once you find something that suits you, stick to it and please don't try new products or colours on the day!

Your skin will be wonderfully radiant if you don't wear any makeup for a week before the wedding and keep your skin well moisturised.

On the day apply makeup to a well moisturised base and keep your colours natural. Have a lip gloss handy for touching up throughout the day.

Don't forget, when getting ready on the day, to wear something which buttons all the way up so as not to spoil your hair and makeup when it's time to get into that dress!

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