REVIEW - All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice

29th August 2020

All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama SpiceA blogger’s perk is getting to try out and review products that are new to the market, or new to me! Here at GREEN UNION, whilst predominantly focussing on the UK, I’m also keen to see what is happening around the world in terms of sustainability and conscious consumerism. So when Bali-based beauty care company Utama Spice got in touch with an offer to trial some of their all-natural products formulated with sustainably sourced ingredients (and no artificial additives), I was thrilled!

Company Background

Utama Spice is a family business that is passionate about creating 100% natural products that benefit body, mind and the planet. Each product is handmade in Bali and is inspired by traditional herbalism:

“We started small and we like it that way. We adhere to the Balinese cultural concept of Tri Hita Karana, which commits us to respecting and working harmoniously with humanity, nature and the divine. As a business we understand the importance of the individual to maintain the health of the global village, so we strive to lower our impact on the environment. We do extensive research to support the local natural resource base and to enhance local farming skills in such areas as organic farming, bee farming and seaweed farming. These farming communities produce the raw materials for every natural skincare product we create. If you wouldn’t cook with it, you shouldn’t put it on your body.”

Now that’s an ethos I can fully support! They kindly sent me a generous selection of products (with a minty bias as that is mine and my daughter’s shared favourite) as we weren’t disappointed!

Fresh Soul Body Balm 

All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice - body balmUtama Spice believes that a good body balm should have properties that speak to your soul, as well as penetrating deeply to nourish moisture-starved skin. Into a base of virgin coconut oil and beeswax, key essential oils have been combined to create the Fresh Soul Body Balm; the resulting formulation is non-greasy and quickly absorbed. Use after a shower or bath to lock in moisture, or at any time to relieve dry skin patches.

You can also apply to temples and wrists for an aromatherapy boost:

  • Wild mint leaf oil has a familiar scent that is both uplifting and soothing, and its topical application may bring relief from headaches.
  • Vetiver root oil has a unique sweet and smoky aroma that is deeply relaxing to body and mind; it is called 'the oil of tranquillity' in Indonesia due to it's balancing and grounding properties.
  • Nutmeg seed oil has a sweet, spicy aroma and anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful for treating joint and muscle pain.
  • Fennel seed oil has a peppery, aniseed-like fragrance and like nutmeg, contains anti-inflammatory properties.

It comes in a recyclable aluminium pot and at 30g it’s handbag size and great for taking out and about; at just $7.99, it’s a bargain! 

Fresh Soul Body Mist

All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice - body mistThe Fresh Soul Body Mist is the perfect pairing for the body balm as it has the same scent profile; as well as its aromatherapy properties that refresh the senses, it is also hydrating and cooling to the skin, which no greasy residue.

Available in a convenient 60ml spray bottle, it is also a great travel partner (and sold at the same great price of $7.99).

Peppermint Lip Balm

All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice - lip balmOne of the first natural products I ever bought was a lip balm - it made sense that ingesting any chemicals in such a direct way was not the way forward! Utama Spice also agrees that a good lip balm should moisturise effectively without containing any harmful ingredients.

Like the body butter, the hydrating base of their Peppermint Lip Balm is created from coconut oil and beeswax, with added soothing and cooling essential oils of wild mint and peppermint (with zero uncomfortable tingle) and at just $1.99, its a steal!

Citrus Fresh Candle

All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice - candleI don’t know about you, but I’m an absolute sucker for candlelight! A soft glow and an energising scent await you with this formulation of beeswax, coconut oil, and their own essential oil blend. The Citrus Fresh Candle is zesty but not overpoweringly so, and packaged in a lightweight, recyclable aluminium pot, at 50g its once again ideal of travel - perhaps for yoga practice on the go? It’s priced at $14.99, which is more than I’d usually pay for a candle of that size, but it’s convenient portability and long burn time make it a lovely treat.

Sonoma Yi Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Lamp and Mint Essential Oil

All-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice - diffuserAll-Natural And Sustainably Sourced Aromatherapy Products By Balinese Brand, Utama Spice - essential oilI love a scented home, but never found a potpourri I liked, I avoid conventional air fresheners like the plague, and I find that reed diffusers attract my cats like magnets (so many fun sticks to play with!). So when Utama Spice offered me one of their luxury ultrasonic diffusers, I jumped at the chance to try one out!

I had to curtail my excitement briefly as it came with a US plug that I had to get an adapter for, but it was soon up and running! The model I chose was the Sonoma Yi, an ultrasonic diffuser, air humidifier and LED lamp, with wooden base and ceramic cover (they also sell elegant glass nebulising diffusers which use no heat, no water and no plastic, but with the resident crazy cat problem, I felt that a sturdier model was called for!).

In just a few minutes, the pure Mint Essential Oil they also kindly supplied me with filled the air - there are multiple settings for both the mist and the light, making it a fantastic option to enhance the ambience of the home, safely and efficiently - at just $39.99, I’m beginning to wonder how I did without one for so long!

Coming back to the essential oils, all the raw materials have been sourced ethically and sustainably. Utama Spice stock 20 different essential oils and, so you’re bound to find just the right one for you. A little goes a long way, so at $14.99, you could even create your own blends!

Final Verdict

While exotic holidays may not be on the cards for a while, these luxuriously scented products may well be the next best thing! My only minor critique would be that the smaller items were packaged in plastic bubble wrap - but one accepts that for transit purposes this may be the overall best method to avoid breakages and waste, and the smaller items were sensibly placed within the diffuser box, avoiding the need for additional packaging. 

The parcel arrived within a week (quicker than some post I’ve been sent within the UK recently!) and I am so happy with all the quality and efficacy of the products; additionally, I especially loved the complex layering of scents of the body balm and mist, with the freshness of the mint giving way to the deeper aromas as time passes.

Don’t hesitate to check out Utama Spice’s affordable ranges of natural products, which also includes bug spray, incense, body lotion and butter, incense, shampoo, hair oil, face serum, face mask, liquid soap, deodorant, and even a yoga mat spray; with most items available in various scent profiles, there’s bound to be one that you will love!


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