CONSCIOUS LIVING - What Are Eco-Friendly Marketplaces?

18th August 2020

CONSCIOUS LIVING: What Are Eco-Friendly Marketplaces?If you are interested in the environment and leaving a better world for your children, you may want to consider shopping at eco-friendly marketplaces.

An eco-friendly marketplace is an online retailer that features a selection of curated items for sale that are carefully chosen to be ethically sourced, packaged, and produced. These marketplaces only with companies that consider the whole lifecycle of their products.

Eco-friendly marketplaces sprang up in the US because of the realisation that only 5% of waste is being recycled. That is why the owners of these innovative, green marketplaces have a vision of a zero-waste and plastic-free future.

Eco-friendly marketplaces do many hours of research and discover the best and most elevated brands at the cutting edge of the sustainability movement. These marketplaces are essentially a one-stop-shop for the environmentally-conscious consumer who wants to save time while they discover innovative products for a healthier planet and cleaner lifestyle.

Below are some example products that you can purchase at eco-friendly marketplaces from around the world:

Belgian Linen Throw and Bath Towel

These towels are made from 100% Belgian line from the town of Libeco. That community has been known for centuries for its skill in transforming flax into linen. This item is produced from field to fibre, from yarn to fabric, and more value is added to the product because the flax farmers, spinners and finishers work to leave the smallest ecological footprint on the earth.

Body Brush with Long Cypress Handle

This is a traditional Japanese body brush that is carefully handmade from windmill palm fibres sourced from Wakayama. The brush contains no pesticides or disinfectants, so it is safe for children. The Japanese believe anything that touches the body is too vital to be left to a machine. That is why they rely on high craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Beeswax Food Wrap

This is an ecologically friendly alternative to regular plastic wraps. These beeswax wraps are made from local and certified organic ingredients with only organic beeswax made from the bees of Tasmania.

Each of these wraps is reusable and completely eco-friendly. This product can be used just like regular plastic wraps, but it removes the ecological problem of one-time plastic use.

Above are just a few sample items of what you can buy at eco-friendly marketplaces. Be sure to check some of them out if you are interested in saving our planet!


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