CONSCIOUS WORKING - Ethically Boosting SEO for WordPress Theme Coding: A Bird’s Eye View

16th June 2020

OK, so this is all a bit technical - but if you fancy giving it a go yourself, here's a summary of the most important considerations (or if you prefer to leave it to the professionals, here's a guide to the terminology you can expect to encounter on your SEO journey!).

CONSCIOUS WORKING - Ethically Boosting SEO for WordPress and WP Theme Coding: A Bird’s Eye ViewApplying SEO strategies for ranking your website is essential; this is especially true if you are operating a business website to sell your goods. Since other activities of your business keep you on your toes around the clock, by following the tips in this article you can increase the visibility of your eco-conscious brand in an ethical way. ​

WordPress Theme Coding - An Overview

Themes are a crucial part of this Content Management System (CMS), and choosing them must be done judiciously. Here's a look at theme coding for WordPress in brief:

What Are The General Requirements For Theme Coding?

Generally speaking, you must not include themes that have unused code fragments. Aside from this, any other comment or to-do lists that will not help in grasping the code must be kept at bay. The points below apply to an SEO WordPress theme:

  • Do not conceal code: If you are choosing a theme, make sure that it does not conceal the code even if you are using the so-called base64 encoding.
  • Use prefixes: For better understanding, you must use prefixes that are unique along with hooks, classes, function names, constants, global variables, database entries, and public variables so that you can avoid compatibility issues with plugins.
  • WP prefix: You must avoid using the wp_prefix, which is usually meant just for the "WordPress core functionality." Also, you must not use it for any theme. As a rule of thumb, if you are using prefixes, they must not start with a hyphen (-) or underscore (_).
  • Child theming: If your emphasis is on child theming, using WP 4.7+ functions makes sense.
  • File paths: Try to use helper functions of WordPress; however, if possible, do not opt for the so-called "hard-coded URIs."

What Are The Requirements For WordPress Assets?

As far as WordPress Assets are concerned, here are the requirements:

  • In order that you enqueue stylesheets, you must include the wp_enqueue_style () function.
  • To enqueue JaveScript code, use the wp_enqueue_script () function.
  • If you are using themes, make sure that the scripts tagged with WP are in use instead of the copies of the themes. You can also use a script from CDN, including jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, and jQuery UI. 
  • Loading of WordPress Assets must take place using an SSL-friendly approach. 

Measures To Enhance SEO For Your WordPress Website

A few of the rules for theme coding are mentioned above, but there is more that must be taken into account when you undertake SEO theme coding. Let's now focus on SERP and tips for improving SEO results for better ranking of your website. It goes without saying that having your website in a good position as far as SERPs are concerned is something that every business owner aspires to. 

There are many tips for achieving this, but here's a shortlist of the most effective ones (you can apply these tips for better SERPs not just for Google but for other search engines, too!):

Select The Right Hosting Provider

For all purposes and not just from an SEO point of view, if you are selecting the right hosting provider then the SERPs will be better. There are a few aspects like downtime, bandwidth, and uptime that are crucial, so take these factors into account while deciding on the right host.

SEO Optimised Themes

The theme is perhaps one of the most crucial factors that you will select for the WordPress site you are using. Layout, the appearance of the website, and functionalities determine the performance of the website as far as SEO and ranking are concerned. How you choose the theme also determines the concept of clean coding, which in turn improves the chances of getting better visibility in SERPs.

Permalink Structure

These are the links that point to your website’s pages and posts (mainly individual posts and pages), as well as related content. These links are important because, with the help of these links, you will get backlinks to your website. Also, the links must be clean, have relevant descriptions, should make sense, and be search engine-friendly. 

Dedicated SEO Plugins

Plugins are add-on software that you can install to enhance the functionalities of your website and offer additional features.


A sitemap will give you an overview of the pages and content of your website. It is a 'map' that will throw light on the number of pages, types of pages, and location of the pages on the website. One of the main advantages to having a sitemap is to help users with easier navigation while browsing the website.

Updated and Fresh Content

Write long posts and update your content regularly. Many service providers will help you out with website maintenance and update it for a fee. Also, from time to time make sure you explore the keywords and keyphrases that will help you rank better. 

Be Ethical 

Last but not least, follow ethical ways to rank and perform better in SERPs. In the past, many websites have lost their rankings since they tried to manipulate their rankings by following so-called 'black hat SEO' techniques, which might serve as a quick fix but will make your online business nosedive!

Once you undertake these measures you will see the results over time; don't expect overnight results, be patient - it's a virtue! 

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