CONSCIOUS LIVING - 8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Office More Sustainable

7th June 2020

CONSCIOUS LIVING - 8 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Office More SustainableWorking from home is a great way to help the planet seeing as how there is no commute that causes pollution. However, simply avoiding buses and cars is not enough. You have to do your part while remotely working as well. If you have a home office, you should take certain steps to make it more sustainable; keep on reading for some suggestions!

Make the Most of Natural Light

If you have the option of choosing where in the house your office will be located, pick a room with plenty of natural light. By having a space that is showered in light, you will be able to reduce your energy usage and save some money. Plus, there are many other benefits of natural light – better mood and higher productivity are just some of them.

Introduce Plants Into the Room

In addition to natural light, plants can also boost your mood. However, they also do a lot of good for the planet. For example, they reduce pollutants and purify the air in the process. Some of them, such as succulents and orchids, even take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Even if you don’t have a green finger, you can still bring in some greenery in the form of a snake plant or aloe.

Reduce Paper Usage

With today’s technology, there is minimal need for printing documents. Seeing as how our smartphones and computers make it easy to save and edit files, you should do your best to keep things digital whenever you can. However, there will be situations where you will simply have to print out a document. In that case, you should read up on some sustainable printing strategies in order to lower your office’s waste (and expenses).

Stop Using Plastic

Besides cutting down on your paper usage, you should also stop using single-use plastic. Working from home usually means that you have access to plates, cutlery and glasses that are easily washed and reused. Get a reusable water bottle that you will keep nearby if you don’t want to walk to the kitchen every time you’re thirsty. Even when ordering food, look for services that use packaging that can be recycled.

Turn off Electronics When Not in Use

Your actions when you’re not in the office are just as important. For example, before you leave the office space, make sure that all of the equipment is turned off. From the electronics and lights all the way to the heating, if it’s not the same source that is used to warm up the rest of the house, switch everything off. Plus, remember that some devices use a lot of electricity even when turned off so consider unplugging them as well.

Don’t Go Crazy With the Thermostat

When it comes to heating, you should also not go overboard. Don’t make it too warm in the winter and too cool in the summer. Find a balance that will help you save money, aid your productivity and lessen your impact on the environment. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it up to make the office comfy before you start working.

Purchase Only the Supplies You Need

Your purchasing habits also play a big role here. For instance, do you like to stock up on various supplies and materials? Do you end up not using them at all and simply tossing them out? Well, this is a problem. Instead of buying an unnecessary number of items that you might or might not use, make a list of the things you know you will need. There is no need to spend more money than you have to and clutter up your office. If you need certain supplies in bulk but don’t end up using all of them, be mindful of how you dispose of them. Check whether they can be donated or sold before you recycle them.

Look for Alternative Energy Sources

If you are looking to do something on a bigger scale, you can also consider opting for alternative energy sources. For instance, getting solar panels for your home will save you money in the long run, it will not be using up the planet’s non-renewable energy sources and you might be able to sell electricity back to the grid after a while. In terms of having an eco-friendly home, you can also turn to geothermal power, wind energy or hydroelectric energy as all of them come with plenty of benefits.

While we mentioned all of these before, it must be said again – reuse, reduce, recycle. Look for materials and supplies that can be reused and don’t need to be tossed out after you’ve used them once. Reduce the number of unnecessary things you buy. When purchasing something, see whether it can be recycled and if not, be careful about how you dispose of it. Keep all of these in mind when making your home office more sustainable and you will do your part in helping the planet.

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