CONSCIOUS LIVING - What are the Mental Health Benefits of Leading an Eco-friendly Life?

15th June 2020

In the past few years, the environment has become a very important concern and we all know why. People are more tilted towards the concept of going green and have done this in many different forms. Whenever we talk about an eco-friendly lifestyle, we always analyze its impacts on the environment. Living in nature, growing your own food, recycling, eating less meat, avoiding the depletion of natural resources, decreasing carbon footprints, etc., will all play a role in making the Earth’s environment better.

Improving our environment is not only beneficial for all lifeforms on the planet, but also the mental health of its human population, young and old. It's interesting to see that the ADHD treatment San Francisco has observed that the inappropriate levels of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity in children and teenagers can be controlled by living in an eco-friendly environment.

Here we will discuss some of the other great benefits of the improved environment of your mental health.                             

It Opens the Mind and Gives Purpose to Life

Living in an eco-friendly environment is not the aim of everybody, but moving towards one helps to open up the mind and think with creatively. An eco-friendly mind opens up new windows of thinking in the mind; this seems a little cheesy, but it’s true that many people don’t have a particular purpose in their lives. Going green can provide just that sense of purpose for living, as well as improving the quality and longevity of it.

It Leads to Less Pollution and Greater Mental Well-Being

To have eco-friendly surroundings it’s really important to reduce pollution in the environment, and breathing in a less polluted environment can improve mental well-being. It’s true that reducing pollution is a difficult task to do all by yourself, but by going green you can make a difference locally. Try to clean the environment around you to make visible changes and get out into the countryside and away from the city as much as possible.

It Creates a Sense of Belonging

By taking care of the Earth we can automatically add ourselves to the international community who are passionate about the same things and being part of such a community is something to pride oneself in. The sense of belonging brings with it feelings of support, which helps to manage depression and anxiety, and even lowers the rate of negative emotions and behaviours amongst youngsters.

It Embraces Simplicity

The eco-friendly goes hand-in-hand with simplicity; it’s all about consuming less, wasting less, and demanding less. It is really life-changing and you will notice that the change in your environment influences your emotional life positively, too. Your mind will be less cluttered, you will be more connected to your emotions, and you will have a clearer focus.

It Improves Relationships

To live a sustainable life you need to improve your relationship with yourself as well as nature, and a peaceful mind enhances the relationships between you and your loved ones. Living in peace is a blessing for mental health!


Living in an eco-friendly environment has clear benefits for the human mind. Though we know that the sustainable lifestyle is healthier for us physically, it's easy to forget that going green gives spectacular benefits psychologically, helping us to feel happier, more relaxed, more fulfilled and good about ourselves!

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