REVIEW - A Low-Waste, Sustainable, Refillable Natural Deodorant from Newly Launched UK Brand, Wild

24th May 2020

I’ve been using natural deodorants (with varying degrees of success) for several years but hadn’t yet found one that ticked all the boxes. Some worked better than others, others didn’t seem to work at all. Some had a nice texture but got used up too quickly, others were grainy or took too long to soften enough for comfortable use. I liked the sustainable side of having them packaged in glass jars with metal lids (reusable and recyclable), but really wasn’t a fan of having to scoop the product out with my fingernail and rub it in with my fingertips. The ones that come in more familiar twist-up dispensers had the convenience angle sussed, but then there's the single-use plastic issue. The alternative of a cardboard dispenser seemed like a good idea, but in reality, I couldn’t get on with them either (too tight, too loose, wasted product etc.). 

REVIEW - Plant-Powered Low-Waste Sustainable Natural Deodorant from Newly Launched UK Brand, WildSo, several months ago I came across a social media ad for Wild and signed up for pre-order info as its a concept that naturally appealed. Here’s why:

“Wild is the new, sustainable Natural Deodorant delivered straight to your door. Aluminium-free with compostable, plastic-free refills and a 100% effective formula.”

The more I found out about it, the more I was hoping this would finally be the answer to my deodorising dilemmas, and as luck would have it, I was chosen to be one of the first 100 people to be gifted the product.

Let’s start at the beginning…

The Delivery Packaging

REVIEW - Plant-Powered Low-Waste Sustainable Natural Deodorant from Newly Launched UK Brand, Wild - packagingJust as one would hope, the minimal delivery box is made of Kraft materials and no plastics (the Royal Mail delivery sticker also doubles up as a seal for the box). Conveniently, the package fits nicely through the letterbox.

Inside, a simple cardboard insert holds the product securely, and the only additional item is a card of instructions for assembly and an ingredients list for all refill types, so minimising printing variations. So far, so good!

The Casing

In designing the casing, Wild didn’t want to sacrifice style and convenience for sustainability. 

“[We] set out from day one to design a product that could push the boundaries of sustainability, yet also look and feel beautiful. We wanted to create a product that people would be proud to carry around and showcase in their bathrooms. After 12 months of design, endless iterations, tooling and manufacturing, we couldn’t be prouder of the final packaging we’ve created for Wild. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”

And I do! The cases are made from anodised aluminium with post-consumer recycled plastic details. It’s sleek and unfussy and although quite big in the hand, it’s super lightweight, and with the minimum of moving parts, one imagine it lasting well. Luckily, I received the aqua green one (might be biased towards that end of the spectrum!), but there’s also a lovely coral and a silver available, too.

The Deodorant Refills

REVIEW - Plant-Powered Low-Waste Sustainable Natural Deodorant from Newly Launched UK Brand, Wild - refillsThe refills are entirely plastic-free and are made from 100% biodegradable bamboo pulp, so you can either recycle or compost them. The range of fragrances is surprisingly extensive and currently consists of Rose Blush, Mint Fresh, Coconut Dream, Orange Zest and Bergamot Rituals. The scent is very subtle, so doesn’t compete with any other scent I would choose to use, also not so 'not there' that you feel like you haven’t made an effort!

Let’s take a closer look at the deodorants themselves. Importantly, they contain no parabens, artificial fragrances or synthetic aluminium salts (find out why the latter is so important here). Instead, they are a careful blend of essential oils, PH levellers, moisturising natural oils, active naturals, hydrating agents and more (discover more here). This dermatologically-approved deodorant is an all-natural option that works without blocking pores or disrupting PH levels.

The Verdict

Now, this all sounds fantastic in theory, but does it work in reality? 

Assembly is pretty easy, although my only slight issue was with depressing both buttons to release the two sections as it’s quite wide and I have arthritic people, but for most this wouldn’t be a problem. I’m not a super active person (especially during a lockdown scenario!), but I am naturally a bit on the sweaty side! Wild did as good a job at both moisture-control and odour-elimination as the very best of the other natural deodorants I’ve tried, and along with the convenience and sustainability of the packaging, makes it a winner in my eyes.

Being a fan of making a saving, their Subscribe & Save option makes great financial sense, as well as being super convenient (and you have full control of the frequency of deliveries). As an added bonus, for every deodorant they sell, they will contribute a percentage of sales to climate charity On A Mission to support their reforestation projects.

Click here to find out more about how you can is kind to your underarms, your family’s noses, and the planet!

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