We know it's important that the ethos of your wedding supplier aligns with your own...

The wedding industry covers a very broad activity base, and you will have your own benchmark of how 'green' you want your suppliers to be.

All our partners are required to self-certify their compliance with at least four points on our 'Green Gauge':


Using renewable energy e.g., biomass boiler, solar energy, buying energy through a 'green' tariff, etc.

Environmental Policy

Have a written and enforced environmental policy.

Fair Trade & Diversity

Supporting Fair Trade; offering equal opportunity to all.


Banking with an ethical bank, or supporting/working with, or donating to charities.

Food & Flowers

Sourcing seasonal, local and / or organic produce; growing their own produce or flowers.

Heritage & Culture

Supporting and working with their local community social projects; preserving our heritage either in buildings, community matters, agriculture or the environment.


Using renewable and/or recycled materials; making their own products; using or selling locally made, or UK-made products.


Offsetting transport through a recognised scheme or planting trees; using hybrid, biodiesel or electric vehicles.


Recycling paper, cans and glass, ink cartridges; composting waste; re-using as much as they can like cardboard boxes, packaging, fabrics; reducing junk mail, printing double-sided, avoiding disposable items; buying recycled office materials and refuse sacks, etc.


Saving water by using water-efficient appliances; collecting rainwater; utilising grey water; sourcing their own water.

In addition, you'll notice that some of our lovely Partners are also:


For vendors who adhere to a vegan practise, or can readily accommodate vegan needs.

The GREEN UNION Vegan Friendly Partner Badge



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