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Hens and Stags

Pre wedding get togethers can be a great way to experience a bit of bonding with mums, dads, best friends, close relatives while having a final fling into the bargain.

While there are plenty of wild party ideas out there for people wanting to let off steam, we're exploring the alternatives, finding more meaningful ways of bonding with your nearest and dearest and getting the most out of your final moments of being a singleton without getting wrecked and ruining all your hard work with the healthy eating, fitness and wellbeing regime which you're bound to have embarked on in order to look your most radiant and handsome on your dreamy green wedding day.

Consider the great outdoors, camping, walking, surfing and sailing. If camping's too extreme then take some rooms at a B&B in the countryside or hire a holiday let.

Courses are a great idea for a bit of bonding. For the girls and mums, spend a weekend learning to do your own wedding flowers, or make some jewellery for the big day. I know its may sound odd but you and your other half could spend a weekend making your own wedding rings. The boys could go on a stone carving course or underwoodsman weekend.

Less active and rather more indulgent could be a weekend at a spa chilling out and being pampered which is an attractive idea for both boys and girls. Or have a tea party and get your friends to each bring a cake or some cookies to sample. Take your friends boating or sea fishing and haul in the catch to barbeque on the beach round the camp fire.

Whatever you do, do it here in the UK, take the train, hire an electric car, cycle and walk - enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

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