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Gorgeous Grooms

What does the modern ethically minded groom wear?

Morning dress is the traditional choice for the groom and very fine it is too. But you may want to choose something that reflects your individuality.

While a groom's wedding outfit may not be as scrutinised as the bride's, it doesn't mean he'll go unnoticed. There is morning dress, the dinner jacket, lounge or modern suit. But these days, as dress codes ease up, the choice of outfits that reflect a modern groom's individual tastes are becoming much more plentiful.

A word of advice though, make sure your outfit complements your bride's.

If you go the more traditional route a cost effective and ethical choice would be to hire a formal outfit (and, let's face it, hiring is an ethical way to go). There's also a wide choice of men's formalwear hire shops which offer a good selection of outfits including kilts.

Alternatively you could search the charity shops, vintage boutiques and web auction sites for a more individual choice.

If you prefer to splash out on something special then seek out an ethical retailer stocking suits and shirts made in 100% wool, linen or organic cotton from fairly traded sources, or even find a British tailor to hand design and make you a bespoke outfit - very authentic.

See here for a list of our partners offering groomswear.



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