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Good Grooming

While their brides are pampering themselves for the big day, grooms may feel the need to devote a little time and effort getting into shape themselves!

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and reduce your intake of alcohol and caffiene. Take plenty of exercise like walking or swimming, preferably in the fresh air, and get lots of sleep. This will help keep your body, skin and hair in tip top condition.

Stick to your regular grooming regime, don't change anything if it already works for you.

A few weeks before the wedding, take a break. Go somewhere peaceful and relaxing. Spend a few precious days in each other's company, eat good food, take long walks and ban all wedding talk. You'll get back refreshed, energised and ready for the final whirl.

A day or two before the wedding you might like to chill out at a spa or enjoy a massage and an aromatherapy facial. Take your best man and ushers with you.

On the day have a good shave, shower and moisturise well, use some natural deodrant and climb into your outfit looking a million dollars.

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