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How to Start Planning your Wedding

So you’ve said yes! 

Now the obvious questions are 'Where to start?' and 'How do we make our wedding the day of our dreams?'

Well we'd forgive you for feeling confused and uncertain at this point, but don't worry, these pages are designed to help and guide you through your journey, we share our tips on how to get started and how to plan the day of your dreams while enjoying every step of that beautiful trip down the 'aisle'!

Perhaps the first and most important step is to set up your wedding budget, then you may want to decide where you want to get married, what sort of wedding ceremony you want and when the big day should be.  Once you've got these fundamentals in the mix, then it's time to work out a wedding countdown or schedule to help you make the big decisions at the right time and keep calm all the way!

We've put together heaps of tips and advice throughout the website so just follow our links on the right to pages of information that will guide you through the wedding planning process from start to finish.


Wedding planning can be a daunting prospect, but it needn't be. Just take a deep breath and rummage through our pages of information, advice and useful tips for throwing an eco friendly wedding. We'll take you through the planning process from start to finish. Have a wonderful journey!


Get naturally green wedding ideas, tips, DIY how-to's and inspiration through the seasons including decor, flowers, food and rituals.