ADVICE - What Should a Man Wear to a Wedding?

28th March 2020

Getting it Right for a Big Day

What Should a Man Wear to a Wedding? Follow these simple rules from JJ SuspendersIf it sounds like a daft question then try answering it without taking into account any of the mitigating factors that are sure to be involved. Is it a black tie event? Do the happy couple (assuming you are not one of them) expect you to be formal or casual (or something in-between)? Are there any specific cultural factors that you will be expected to be aware of and to take into consideration? All of these things, and many more besides, will need to be factored in.

It is safe to start with smart. Unless your hosts have specifically requested that you dress as Batman or turn up in a loincloth it is a reasonable assumption that you will be expected to be neat and tidy, as an absolute minimum. Whilst in dress there are different degrees of formality, some degree of formality can indeed safely be anticipated. Start from the bottom with a shiny, well-polished pair of shoes and from the top with a collar and shirt, and something with which to adorn it.

Are There Any Stipulations?

What Should a Man Wear to a Wedding? Follow these simple rules from JJ SuspendersIf it is to be a highly formal (or 'black tie') event it is likely that this would have been mentioned somewhere on the invitation. Of course, it’s not just the tie you will need to be wearing but the entire kit. This could be a tuxedo or a tailcoat and trousers with a wing-collared shirt. What also goes particularly well with formal dress of this kind is a good quality pair of braces, appropriate for the occasion and for the style that you have adopted but proud and not understated. These can come with a button or a clip to attach to the waistline of the trousers, in a Y or X design and either narrow or wide.

If the style is to be a little less formal and yet still smart, then you will want a decent suit with a sleeved and collared shirt and a tie which is a good match and at least reasonably sober as befits the occasion. Once again, invest in a nice pair of braces which bring out the shirt whilst not overwhelming it. Don’t be tempted to go cheap as shoddy braces will bring down your whole appearance. Be mindful instead that a pair which exudes class will highlight and indeed enhance the outward appearance of your shirt and tie.

Dress Appropriately and Show Respect

What Should a Man Wear to a Wedding? Follow these simple rules from JJ SuspendersSometimes it may be the case that your wedding hosts are not people who hang particularly on formality, and they will make it clear to you that dressing up is not required.  

But even that doesn’t mean you can roll up in a pair of trainers and torn jeans, complete with a back-to-front baseball cap and obligatory earphones. Even a request for casual dress implies that you should show some respect. A smart, well-pressed shirt with a collar, a jacket and formal trousers with polished shoes is the least you can do. And yes, braces go very well with these, too!

Author Bio

Josh Newman is an entrepreneur with a broad business and marketing background having worked with major brands as well as starting several boutique e-commerce companies like JJ Suspenders. Marketing and business aside, Josh also has a love for design. Despite having no fashion experience prior to co-founding JJ Suspenders, his aesthetic eye quickly helped him learn what worked and what didn't in the fashion world, be it colour combinations, packaging, or customer experience. His motto: build a remarkable product and the rest will follow.

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