GUEST POST - Shining a Light on Environmentally Friendly Candles for Your Wedding Day Decor, by Pehrson's Candles

11th March 2020

​Based in the Cotswolds, Pehrson’s Candles bring you environmentally friendly candles that create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day!

Navigating your way through creating a stunning décor at your wedding whilst remaining environmentally conscious can be a challenge. You shouldn’t have to compromise on your theme or the atmosphere you want to create whilst choosing a recycled product. 

Here at Pehrson’s Candles, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality candles that not only have a low impact on the environment but also create a stunning effect on your special day.

We are a family-owned business and our priority has always been producing natural products that cannot be matched on quality.

All our candles:

  • Do not drip, create soot or damage their surroundings.
  • Are made from 100% recycled products, stearin and cotton.
  • Contain no paraffin, palm oil or carcinogenic materials.
  • Have won the White Swan award for environmental credentials.
  • Are slower-burning to reduce waste and number required.
  • Have an intense colour to stand out in any decor.

The unique non-drip nature of our candles and steady flame makes them ideal for any couples who are getting married in stately homes or establishments where protecting the walls and furniture is of top priority. They are also perfect for couples who have flowers, feathers or other natural products as part of their centrepieces that could be at risk from a normal burning flame. 

Candlelight Throughout the Day

Getting married is a logistical nightmare! Remembering all the different suppliers for each part of the day is a challenge. We can provide a full range of candles so you can buy al options in one place, just getting one delivery. This starts from the first part of your day with pillar candles for a church ceremony or tealights lining the aisle. We can then support with dinner candles for centrepieces and block candles for fireplaces or decorations. We even do small candelabra candles! Whatever impression you want to create for your guests we’re confident our candles are right for you.

Candles to Match Any Theme

We don’t believe you should compromise on appearance just because you’re making more environmentally considered decisions. Our dinner candles come in a huge range of colours to match any colour scheme and to create the right ambience for your day.

Stearin candles produce the clearest colour quality. Where it’s soft romantic pinks, fresh greens or decadent gold we can provide a candle that can complement your flowers and other decorations.

Candlelight creates the perfect natural lighting and the soft shadows add an extra atmosphere to those extra special wedding pictures.

Our Environmental Impact

We have been awarded the Swan Ecolabel which assesses manufactures on the overall impact the company makes on production and consumption of goods. This award only goes to companies who can demonstrate that their products not only have environmental impact as a current priority but are also committed for the long term. We’re incredibly proud of our award and the statement it makes about our commitment to the world we live in and how we impact it.

Get In Touch

We look forward to hearing from you about your special day and how we can provide the right romantic candlelight to create a day you and your guests will never forget.

To see our full catalogue view our brochure or feel free to contact us directly on 01676 535945.

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