SUSTAINABLE LIVING - What if You Could Offset Your Entire Lifetime's Carbon Footprint with Just One Tree?

30th March 2020

Sounds unrealistic, doesn't it. As one of the very best ways of combatting climate change, we all know that tree planting schemes are nothing new; but today I'd like to introduce you to one with a difference. One Life One Tree is offering to plant a Giant Sequoia for anyone who wants to meaningfully address their carbon footprint for the long-term. 

Britons produce an average of 6.5 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, according to the World Bank.  Over an 80 year life that is 520 tonnes of CO2.  The biggest US Sequoia, General Sherman, has sequestered over 1400 tonnes of CO2, and the target for UK Sequoias grown by One Life One Tree is just over 500 tonnes - enough to reverse the adverse effects on the environment of Briton’s life.

One Life One Tree founder and chief executive Henry Emson said:

“Increasingly, society has come to recognise the impact each of us has on the environment, but at the same time, it can be hard for individuals to feel they can make a meaningful difference, constantly being reminded they are part of the problem rather than the solution. Planting a Giant Sequoia is a wonderful way to reverse the negative impact of your time on Earth. Not only are the trees breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also able to absorb huge quantities of carbon dioxide, keeping it stored for over 1000 years, and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. While green initiatives such as electric vehicles and solar panels are to be applauded, they can only reduce your carbon emissions. There is no viable large scale industrial process that can reverse it. Only nature can do that. Planting a single Giant Sequoia is sufficient to offset a lifetime of carbon emissions.”

To pay for your tree you can either spread payments over 12-52 months or pay it all upfront. One Life One Tree will plant and nurture your Giant Sequoia in the UK. All profits will go into environmental initiatives.

Currently, One Life One Tree has two sites in the UK, with their first site in Buckinghamshire sold out.  Two new sites are now under offer. Plantations are fenced for the first few years while the trees are small to protect them for foraging deer. Once the trees are mature enough the fencing is removed and the land they reside on is passed on to a tree-friendly charity to ensure they are safeguarded from future logging or land development.

Each tree planted by One Tree One Life is designated its own 1,000 square feet plot, equivalent to the size of an average two-bedroom apartment, and everyone who buys a Giant Sequoia will receive a specially engraved slate certificate identifying the precise location of the tree and date of planting.

Wouldn't this make a fantastic wedding gift?!

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