ADVICE - An Introduction to Eco Floristry by Cassie from Bude Blooms

27th March 2020

Hi, I’m Cassie from Bude Blooms – eco florist and grower. I love to create naturally beautiful wedding designs using eco-friendly methods. My growing plot nestled on the rugged North Cornish coast where I’m continually inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us and attracts many couples each year to come here on their elopement getaways. 

An Introduction to Eco Floristry by Cassie from Bude Blooms

What is Eco Floristry?

Eco floristry does what it says on the tin; it’s earth-conscious florists making life easier for you to lavish yourself in beautiful flowers whilst making as small a footprint on the planet as possible. There are a number of ways we can do this but the main factors are simple:

*Use British seasonal flowers.
*Use alternatives to plastics. 

Plastics? I know. That’s what I thought when I started out in floristry. Surely there can’t be that many plastics used but I was shocked at what was hidden under arrangements; plastic tapes, cones, coated wires, and the biggest culprit is floral foam. It all just felt so wrong to me having all this yuck hidden beneath beautiful flowers so that’s when I started looking into how I could do things differently so happy couple can leave happy green footprints. 

Floral foam (Oasis – you know, that green crumbly stuff you can’t help but poke your finger into) is a non-biodegradable microplastic that can easily find its way into water washed down the sink and is often mistaken for a natural product and put into compost bins! But things are changing, and people are choosing to use alternatives like chicken wire and moss. The RHS has announced recently that they are banning floral foam in their shows from 2021.

An Introduction to Eco Floristry by Cassie from Bude BloomsI came to love using British seasonal flowers accidentally. It turns out I’m a complete control freak and had to be in charge of the quality of my product from start to finish. So before I knew it I started growing my own flowers and I haven’t looked back since. You won’t get fresher than flowers picked especially for your wedding day. Imported flowers are grown on mass, shipped hundreds of miles around the world and more often than not sprayed with chemicals. Growers like me only grow what they need, freshly cut and never use chemicals. There is a magical charm in every month looking forward to different blooms and scents rather than every wedding bouquet consisting of roses and gypsophila (but both of these can be grown in the UK if that is your thing). In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised at what your local grower can come up with for you. If you get in touch with them early enough some growers like me will grow flowers specifically for your wedding. I’m a member of Flowers From the Farm and with over 500 members all over the country growing and creating with British flowers you will be able to find someone near you.

I could go on and on about how amazing eco floristry is but just remember when you talk through your ideas with your floral stylist to ask them to use local flowers and foam-free designs!

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