GUEST POST - Bespoke Wedding Rings with a Twist: Panning for River Gold with Jacqueline & Edward

8th March 2020

When I was about 10 years old, I was on holiday with my parents in America and got to try panning for 'gold' in a little theme park we found along the way. It may have only been Fool's Gold, but I remember the rush of excitement at finding those little glistening pieces emerging from the unassuming gravel. I can imagine even now that the thrill of finding real gold in the great outdoors would be infinitely greater! Well, now you can do just that AND use the gold you find to help craft your wedding rings, thanks to ethical jeweller, Jacqueline & Edward.

Bespoke Wedding Rings with a Twist: Panning for River Gold with Jacqueline & EdwardJacqueline & Edward was founded some five years ago by husband and wife duo, Mark and Jacqueline, after their passion for exploring the land and rivers while panning for natural river gold became more than just a pastime.

Mark originally discovered his penchant and passion for gold panning as a boy thanks to a fateful trip to Scotland with his father and inspiration, Edward. Together, after meeting a genuine old school gold prospector, their aimless wanderings in an old campervan came to an end and the purposeful pursuit of gold began. Fast forward some thirty years, and what was the making of his childhood, now forms the crux of his family run business based in the beautiful sleepy West Yorkshire town of Wetherby.

At the heart of Jacqueline & Edward is a desire to live and work in a way which is sustainable and ethical from all angles. As such they are an ethical and eco-friendly brand, creating handcrafted engagement, wedding and eternity rings for couples looking for something meaningful, extraordinary and wholeheartedly ethical.

Bespoke Wedding Rings with a Twist: Panning for River Gold with Jacqueline & EdwardMark’s ethical engagement and wedding rings are all made from eco-friendly recycled precious metals and sustainably panned alluvial river gold. Likewise, where diamonds feature, they are ethically sourced, with Jacqueline & Edward favouring lab-grown and recycled diamonds as the ethical choice.  Furthermore, for every purchase made, a native tree is planted in the Caledonian Forest. 

Whilst some clients choose simply to buy from their existing range of designs within their online store, others choose a more bespoke service which starts with an initial conversation about what the couple are looking for in their rings.  Design ideas are passed backwards and forwards, often accompanied by hand-drawn sketches, before the design is finalised and the rings handcrafted by Mark in his home-workshop.  Some couples seek to take the experience one step further and head out into the wilderness with Mark who offers a Pan Your Wedding Ring Experience. 

This unique and unforgettable experience is a whole new take on choosing a wedding ring! It’s an opportunity for a couple to literally go out and pan for their own gold which will then be alloyed with ethical recycled gold and transformed into their wedding rings. This is offered either as a shared experience with other couples or an exclusive experience for couples on their own. 

Bespoke Wedding Rings with a Twist: Panning for River Gold with Jacqueline & EdwardEmma Ryan Photography

Both rings are made from the same molten bead of gold making them chemically inseparable, which provides a romantic reflection of two people coming together as one partnership. As with all the rings Mark makes, he is also always happy to gift a little gold from his family collection into the rings and often has gold from areas which connect with peoples ancestral roots whether they hail from Yorkshire, Devon or as far afield as Italy and Sweden. 

What could be more personal and romantic? Click here to discover how you can take part in this once in a lifetime experience!

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