SUSTAINABLE LIVING - Re-energising Your Interiors with Compelling Houseplant Décor Ideas

9th February 2020

If your home does not have a garden, it doesn’t mean you cannot flex your arboricultural passions. Your green thumbs can always reach out to fantastic indoor plant ideas to enhance the décor of your home.

Potted plants take up minimal space, and don’t always require a great deal of daylight or maintenance. Here are a few colourful and unusually-shaped favourites:

Anthuriums need intermediate amounts of care; they require watering every other day and need occasional or routine fertilising. They are popular due to their heart-shaped, waxy flowers with a vivid stamen in the middle. 

The Staghorn Fern is great for easy maintenance; they need moderate light and a little moisture keeps this plant looking its best. They look great mounted on a wall. 

The Alocasia plant is popular for its flashy leaves. It features defined and clear stems, each carrying a colourful patterned leaf. Other leaves are like stingrays, with long tails at the ends of the leaves. They prefer drying out in between watering but may need some misting as well.

The coffee plant is always great for home décor, even if an arabica plant cannot take the place of your caffeine habit! Simple and beautiful, it also spruces up your home décor. You might also extract enough beans a day for roasting and brewing your own coffee.

Some Scintillating Ideas!

Plant risers are an excellent option. A riser-type shelf or stair-step can make your plant look a lot fuller. You can place in your kitchen. It can grow herbs like chives or basil, which you can use in your cooking. 

Tiny cacti and succulents are also very popular; you could make and decorate your own pots out of clay!

Hanging indoor plants is a great way to layer your decor, adding colour and pattern to your interior space.

Wall-mounted plants are great additions as well. You can secure a plant pot to a stained wood holder or base, or hang from a grid. It’s a subtle yet effective way of filling up empty spaces. You can even get L-shaped sofa covers in natural or vibrant hues to complement them.

The ladder is a superb home décor tool; just upcycle a battered, rusty old ladder and maybe a fresh coat of paint if you wish.

Don't forget the outdoor spaces you do have. You can create a Fairy Garden style installation to infuse some magic into a small space outside your front door (use a cute planter, some rustic stones, a mini birdhouse, and don't forget to accessorise with a fairy!), which young and old will find adorable. Or go crazy and fill a balcony with pots of all sizes and colours. Just don't forget to choose hardy outdoor plants instead!

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