INSPIRATION - How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

21st February 2020

Available in so many different colours and combinations, dried petal confetti has become an eco-wedding must-have. But is that where their use ends? Not at all! The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are the UK’s original petal confetti growers, so who better to explain how to use dried flower petals decoratively throughout the styling of your wedding day? 

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti CompanyWeddings can be extremely wasteful. It’s one huge day – “the biggest day of your life”! The cultural pressure to splash out with special touches, little treats and magical extras is enormous. However, if your aim is for a sustainable, green and eco-friendly wedding, a low-waste wedding, then it can sometimes feel like you might miss out on all of those delightful extras! However, your wedding day doesn’t have to be the most wasteful single-use event ever. With thought, care and creativity, you can decorate your wedding day in a green (and far more beautiful) way!

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - flower fieldsWe’ve been growing, handpicking and naturally air-drying flower petals on our farm for over 20 years. The Wyke Manor Estate is now the British centre for real flower petal confetti. The flowers are the colourful heart of our farm – providing cover for deer, pheasants, hare and rabbits, homes for skylarks and food for bees and butterflies. We also open the flower field to the public to come and enjoy, which gives the flowers a secondary purpose, and provides immense pleasure to visitors!  

Over the years we have seen dried flower petals work their way into the mainstream wedding world. That is to say, petal confetti is now a fairly well-established wedding essential. Our delphinium petal confetti remains the most sustainable choice – each petal is picked by hand, by a team of local people, they are air-dried without any extra machinery or specialist equipment, stored in cardboard and transported less than a mile across our farm to our packing office. Our confetti is light, floaty, and 100% biodegradable, consequently, it leaves no mess behind - our flower petals fade away like blossom. The driving force behind The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company was to reduce wedding waste and provide an eco-friendly confetti alternative to paper and plastic glitter. Oh, and it looks amazing too!

But confetti is not the only way you can make use of lovely flower petals to make your wedding day exceptional: dried flower petals have many other uses too. We all know the most important green wedding rule when it comes to flowers – think seasonal. But by preserving our petals and making them last you are not limited to what’s in bloom around your wedding date! Because our petals are dried, their natural beauty is captured. Therefore, they won’t wilt with time, fade or get slimy and slippery as fresh flower petals do. Delphinium petals, for instance, will store in perfect condition for at least 12 months! As a result, our confetti petals make excellent natural and biodegradable wedding decorations. Furthermore, you can simply pop them in the compost heap when their job is done!

Flower Petal Table and Venue Decoration

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - table decorationA handful of flower petals is a really simple way to enhance your wedding tables – not too fussy or fancy, but elegant and colourful. Simply scatter them in the centre of round tables (they make smaller floral centrepieces look larger too!). Or you could create a line of petals down the middle of rectangular tables. Or you can even use petals to create your table numbers. 

Piles of pretty petals in or around your other decorations (like tea-light and candle holders, reclaimed vases, lanterns etc) is a great way to dress up recycled, reused, reclaimed or mismatching items, and will tie your decorations together. Sprinklings on the cake table, by your cocktails, card table, even in the bathrooms, helps ensure that you have a coherent scheme, and are making sure everything look celebratory and special.

Petal Aisles and Pathways

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - aisles and pathwaysLikewise, creating aisle decorations or even pathways with scatterings or lines of petals creates a wonderful atmosphere. It’s all in the details! 

We tend to think that decorating with real flower petals is very romantic and pretty. Of course, it can be, but with different colours and unusual combinations, it can be anything you want it to be - bright and colourful, dark and moody, soft and feminine. Go with what you love!

Flower Girls and Page Boys

Flower Girls and Page BoysIn addition to (or instead of) decorating your wedding aisle, you could have the youngest members of the bridal party scatter petals along it. A little girl or boy can sprinkle petals either in front of the bride, or in front of the happy couple after the ceremony is complete. Traditionally, it symbolises a happy path into married life and brings good luck to the union. And as wedding traditions go, it is certainly the cutest! 

Decorative Projects and Souvenirs 

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - decorative projects and souvenirsWe get a lot of calls from customers asking for petals to put inside their wedding invitations. Making your save the dates or invites extra special with the inclusion of a few flower petals is such a lovely touch. You’ll really set the tone for your big day. If you are handcrafting all your stationery, you can even create something unique by decorating them with petals!

Memento boxes, box photos frames and even festive baubles are all perfect for filling with flower petals – they are a great way to remember your big day. They might eventually start to fade, but that is quite nostalgic in itself! 

We also find that people use their wedding petals to add an extra something to thank you gifts for their family and friends. You can put them in a jewellery box, little gift bag or envelope and make that person smile when they remember the petals from your wedding day!

What You Need to Know: The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company’s Petals 

All our petals are sold by the handful, so it’s easy to work out how much you need; and a 10-handful bag costs £12.00. 

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - delphinium dried flower petalsDelphinium and wildflowers are small, light and floaty petals that look amazing in the confetti moment! 100% natural, biodegradable confetti that is air-dried and will last over 12 months. We also have lovely naturally scented Lavender Grains. These tiny little grains are suitable for use as throwing confetti (they look lovely mixed with delphinium petals) or they can be poured into containers and used as decorations. 

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - rose freeze dried flower petalsSmall Natural Rose Petals are lovely throwing petals and are great for scattering and decorating, too. Large Natural Rose Petals are a bit too big to throw, but they have retained their natural curl, so they make gorgeous decorations. They are both freeze-dried and will last at least four months. 

How to Decorate Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way, by The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company - hydrangea freeze dried flower petalsHydrangea Petals are really pretty petal clusters that look like little flowerheads. They can be thrown, scattered or used as decorations. Hydrangea petals are also freeze-dried and will last at least four months. 

Click here to view all the colourful options available. All our petals and products are available all year round online – or you can come and see us in the Confetti Flower Field in late June/early July each summer!

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