ADVICE - DJ or Wedding Band: Is One A More Eco-Friendly Option Than The Other? Guest Writer, Donna Maurer, Shares Her Thoughts.

7th January 2020

Having a wedding band or a DJ can be a difficult decision since it is an integral part of the reception. If you plan to go green for your wedding as well, that doesn’t mean that you should have to spend more, either. And the style of your mood shouldn’t be compromised by caring for the environment. You can make plenty of easy, greener choices when it comes to invitations, the venue, the wedding dress, the catering, and the favours. But choosing your entertainment is a different story.

DJ or Wedding Band: Is One A More Eco-Friendly Option Than The Other? Guest Writer, Donna Maurer, Shares Her Thoughts.So, which is a more eco-friendly option when it comes to having a DJ or a Wedding Band? Let’s look at how to approach having the green wedding you desire, which can help you to decide which entertainment route is more suitable for your needs.

Power Is An Important Factor

When you are working to be more environmentally conscious, how much power the DJ or band is requiring becomes important. You want to conserve as much energy as possible. 

DJs tend to produce lots of booming sounds, with big speakers, subwoofers, and other sound-bearing machinery. Bands, too, can also bring lots of ‘hookups’ for utilizing power with amplifiers and soundboard mixers. 

Is there a way to cut back on this? YES.

If you’re really scrutinizing to be eco-friendly, you can opt for having an all-acoustic band of musicians at the reception, making the live wedding band your more eco-friendly choice. But, if you have a larger wedding party, it most likely will not work well because the musicians will have trouble being heard without any amplification. If it’s a very small ceremony, however, this is a definite option. 

Another route you can also look into is through using green power generators for your power source. It is possible you may even be lucky enough to find a vendor that has these to use. You can get the same exact experience with either a live band or a DJ while knowing that you are using green energy and not being wasteful. 

Be Clear About What You Want

When exploring different vendors, it’s important that you make sure your intentions for an eco-conscious wedding are clear. Model your selection after wedding bands like Around Town Entertainment, for example, who make it their business mission to ensure that “each client is given specialized attention, which entails… immediate attention to detail and bringing the exact desired effect to each event.” They take pride in going out of their way to accommodate however necessary, and they make certain that all client requests are met. These are the kind of identifiers and jargon that you should be looking for in your vendor search before you select someone to provide eco-friendly entertainment. It’s important that you know they’ll prioritize your goal.

Can your band or DJ conserve energy and reduce waste? Try to set up a meeting with each prospective vendor, creating key questions to ask that will make your desires known right up front. It can save you a lot of headaches later. The main goal of the entertainment should be to engage and entertain your guests while making sure to tie into the style of your wedding. 

Do Some Research Ahead Of Time

Maybe it’s not so important to you that the band or the DJ conserve energy at the reception if they have necessities for sound, or you know you’re having a big wedding and can’t avoid it, or don’t have the resources to get the green generators. 

But maybe the vendors themselves care about their environment in other ways, such as working as a volunteer within the community or spending time picking up trash or involving themselves in green events. If you have a similar personality

Even they just do something small, like take all the wine bottles used after every reception to be sure they are being recycled, that could be a deciding factor since you know they will help to make your wedding greener. A little bit goes a long way to aiding the environment, and if you have a band or DJ that is as environmentally cautious as you and your soon-to-be spouse are, it can give you peace of mind.

Be Sure To Stay Local

Make sure you are taking note of where a particular wedding band or DJ you are looking at is based out of because you wouldn’t want them to have to travel very far. Booking your entertainment locally will cut down on the carbon emissions that it will take for them to travel to your location. Locally sourced groups are definitely the way to go. 

So Which One Is More Eco-Friendly?

Since all of the factors going into deciding on your band or DJ having nothing to do with the actual acts themselves, it’s difficult to say which one is a more eco-friendly option. It’s probably safe to lean more towards having a live band since they’ll likely require less power sourcing. But there is always the green generator option as well, so it does not eliminate the plausible use of a DJ.

Once you’ve decided on which is the more eco-friendly choice for your day, next comes the task of picking out your wedding music, which can also tie into how you make the day greener. This can also relate back into whether you pick a wedding band over a DJ. If you know that a duo band can play the bongos and do more of an “unplugged” musical set for your reception, and this is your choice of music anyway, you may want to lean more in that direction.

Whichever way you decide to go, you can be sure that by performing some research beforehand and making your intentions for an eco-friendly wedding known, you will find a vendor that is willing to suit your needs. The entertainment is the heart and soul of your special day and will bring all your guests together for a wonderful and joyous occasion to dance the night away.

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