INSPIRATION - A Look at Wedding Trends Captured at GREEN UNION Partner Venue, Elmore Court

25th December 2019

Sending you very warm Christmas wishes from GREEN UNION! The festive season is one of reflection, as today, our friends at Elmore Court have looked back at their favourite trends of the year, that are set to take off in 2020!

Couples at Elmore Court are always trendsetters, but 2019 has brought more trends that have blown us away than any other year! Your weddings just seem to be getting more and more creative and more and more beautiful by the second. Here’s our round-up of the most gorgeous wedding trends of 2019 which we predict to be bigger and better in 2020 and beyond…

Fun Photos

Left to right, top to bottom: James Fear, James Fear, James Fear, Jacob Malinski

Photo booths and props have been big at weddings for years, but we’ve noticed a dramatic downturn in all traditional group photos this year too. Instead, our couples are opting instead for tongue in cheek, relaxed and all-out outrageous group shots which really show their personalities. Hooray!

Candlelit weddings

Left to right, top to bottom: Lucy Turnbull/Larissa Joice, Eve Dunlop, Harry Michael, Brett Charles/Brett Symes

Candles fill the aisles, ceremony room and reception tables of more and more weddings, this trend is definitely not going anywhere in 2020.

Unique lighting

Left to right, top to bottom: Rob Tarren, James Fear, Lush Imaging, Eve Dunlop, Nikki Cooper

It’s not only candles that are making weddings glow and sparkle, anything that lights up is in.

* Festoon lighting & fairy lights inside and out.

* Light shows and projections instead of firework displays.

* Light-up letters are great as they look beautiful in the day time as well as at night.

* Neon signs are bespoke or funny and designed to make you look.

* Disco balls make the outdoors look like a fairy dance.


Left to right, top to bottom: Jasmine Jade, Jasmine Jade, Steven Rooney, Steven Rooney

Foliage at weddings has been popular for a while now, but this year with the explosion of dramatic floral displays, greenery is done with a ‘go big or go home’ approach.

Pampas Grass

Left to right, top to bottom: Through the Woods We Ran, James Fear, Jon Barwood, Pixie Abbott

We think this one definitely came from Instagram; it seemed to start in Australia but very quickly spread like wildfire to weddings in the UK. Now pampas grass is being added to bouquets, displays and used as décor in every imaginable way. 

Two Ceremonies

Alex Beckett

Whether you have two cultures you particularly affiliate with and want to celebrate properly with two different types of wedding ceremony, or whether you want to make your rehearsal dinner a really big deal, having more than one ceremony is on the rise.

Black Tie

Left to right, top to bottom: Harry Michael, Jasmine Jade, Jasmine Jade

Weddings are becoming increasingly glamourous, whether you’re having a summer wedding or a sparkling new year’s eve bash black tie is in for all seasons.

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