GUEST POST - Jewellery With Soul: Ethical Fairtrade Gold Jewellery By Erin Cox

6th January 2020

Fairtrade gold jewellery by Devonshire jewellery designer, Erin CoxMatt & Kizzy Photography

Erin Cox Jewellery in an independent jeweller based in the heart of Devon. The rolling hills, windswept Tors and winding rivers are the inspiration for her jewellery, which is renowned for its earthly rugged textures. Erin remarks:

"I studied at Sir John Cass Department of Art at London Guildhall University where I learned the fundamental skills of jewellery making and silversmithing. This rigorous education in traditional skills means that all my work is made to the high standards instilled in me by some wonderful, well respected and inspirational jewellers. I hope they would be proud of every piece I produce.” 

Although still creating some items in silver, Erin predominantly works in gold and platinum; however, it was very early in her career when she realised the environmental impact of mining and felt strongly that she wanted to make her pieces as ethical as possible. Erin made the conscious decision to use recycled gold where possible and registered with The Fairtrade Foundation in order to be able to work with fair trade gold.

Fairtrade gold jewellery by Devonshire jewellery designer, Erin CoxTara Statton Photography

Erin explains:

“Each piece of jewellery made using fair trade gold is certified and bears the recognisable Fairtrade logo stamp which is applied at the London assay office during hallmarking. Fairtrade gold is produced fairly and transparently. It is only available through select suppliers and is mined in accordance with standards set by Fairtrade International.

When choosing Fairtrade gold you directly make a difference to the miners, their families and benefit their community as a whole. Your support provides them with the chance to be paid a fair price, have better working conditions, use safe mining practices that include safe handling and disposal of chemicals used in the extraction of gold. They are able to build their futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, and make their own way to prosperity.”

Fairtrade gold jewellery by Devonshire jewellery designer, Erin CoxMatt & Kizzy Photography

Erin is thrilled to be able to create engagement, wedding and eternity rings along with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in fair trade gold. Her wedding ring company - Molten Wedding Ring Co - has 8 different rings in their range all of which are available in 18ct yellow or white Fairtrade gold. Erin is also excited to be able to offer items in 9ct fair trade gold allowing everyone to be able to buy fair trade no matter their budget. 9ct fair trade gold is soon to be added to the Molten Wedding Ring range.

Fairtrade gold jewellery by Devonshire jewellery designer, Erin CoxYeti Photography

Alongside using ethical eco and fair trade gold, Erin also offers commission work where she is able to rework a customer's own sentimental or heirloom gold and stones. This means that there is a reduction in the need for new metal and jewellery which may have been sitting unloved in a box, can be enjoyed once more. Also, you often find antique jewellery needs a lot of repairs to ensure stones are safe. This can be very costly and so a remake is a great way of ensuring the life of your preloved items can be continued - it’s just the next step in its story. Erin feels strongly that jewellery should be worn and loves the Japanese Shinto belief that when an item fulfills its purpose it gains a soul. “A beautiful piece of jewellery becomes part of a person’s life story. It will be passed down through generations to become a part of the family’s story and a piece of history. I love that,” says Erin.

Fairtrade gold jewellery by Devonshire jewellery designer, Erin CoxTara Statton Photography

Janie from Erin Cox Jewellery / Molten Wedding Rings says:

“The commissioning process is a wonderful experience. Erin will take a look at the materials you have, talk to you about your wants and needs while taking into account your lifestyle, the purpose of the piece and a budget should you have one and will then create a completely bespoke design for you. If gems are needed Erin has a range that you can select from or she will order some in from her trusted suppliers for you to choose from. The commission process is not just for those who require a rework of their own pieces but anyone who is looking for something completely unique and bespoke. Erin often has couples coming in together to design their engagement ring.”

Check out Erin’s work for yourself here! 

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