ADVICE - Affordable Ways To Personalise Your Eco Wedding Day

30th November 2019

Your wedding is one of the most important events, if not the most important event in your life. That’s why most people have no problem bending over backwards to ensure it is as memorable as possible. However, you don’t have to be unnecessarily extravagant or put your future family in debt when affordable alternatives are available. It’s not how much you spend, but how much thought you put into it that will make your wedding a memory worth cherishing. Here are a few affordable ways to personalise your wedding day.

The Thing About The Band

Affordable Ways To Personalise Your Eco Wedding Day - the bandThe band plays a crucial role in a wedding because it sets the mood. You can be gentle on your bank accounts and still get an excellent band if you know where to look. Consider hiring a small band with great talent and taste. Just because they are not shining stars doesn’t mean they are not great. A careful search for the right band at an affordable price will present a unique and memorable wedding experience. You’ll support local talent, have an awesome time, and save money.

An 'Outside The Box' Venue

Affordable Ways To Personalise Your Eco Wedding Day - the venueThe good thing about trying to save money is that it makes you think harder and smarter. Most couples tend to have a preferred venue for their wedding, but try to make yours something special and friendlier to your budget. If you had thought of a particular place before, but it’s not affordable, you may be surprised with the other available options. Consider more readily available spaces where you can do your ceremony at little to no cost — for instance, campgrounds, golf courses, museums, ancient sites, or parks.

Quid Pro Quo

Affordable Ways To Personalise Your Eco Wedding Day Arrange with your network or connections to exchange services. For a lower price or smaller fee, you could have your business contacts provide some services for you at your wedding, and in return, you’ll offer them a service in your profession. For example, if one of you is a baker, you could have a friend who is a caterer take care of catering for you at your wedding, and then later offer baking services to them when they need a baker for whatever reason. This exchange of services will save you money in various areas and will strengthen your relationship with friends and business contacts. Moreover, it’ll be good for your careers, since you may acquire more clients in the process.

What About The Planet?

Affordable Ways To Personalise Your Eco Wedding Day - recycled goldAnother way is conscious consumerism or an eco-wedding. You may want a wedding ring, among other items for the wedding. For a wedding ring, you could recycle gold from older wedding rings or go for artificial diamonds. They are more affordable, of high quality, and their formation doesn’t harm the planet or your budget. You could even forego the rings altogether. The logic behind this is that the two of you love each other enough that you don’t need a ring to prove or reinforce it. You’ll save a lot of money here, and love sealed in the heart will never waver.

You can also acquire interesting items from antique shops and garage sales for decorating your wedding and making it unique. This route may save you money if you get useful items at reduced prices.

You could save on invitation cards by going digital. Send personalised invitation cards via WhatsApp or other social media platforms. You could do the same thing with thank you cards and other cards. You’ll save both you and your guests the trouble of having to stockpile and later on dispose of cards and other papers.

The Bottom Line

Your wedding is special. To personalise and spend wisely on it, you could take various approaches. A budget will help you to be creative and spend within your limits. Being open to possibilities will help you discover other exciting venues and ideas that will spice up the wedding. Involving your families, friends, and business contacts can help save money on services. And thinking green will help save the planet and your bank accounts. You can personalise your wedding and save money in the process in many ways – limits only exist in your minds.

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