ADVICE - How Do You Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Be More Eco Friendly? GREEN UNION Partner, Bambi, Shows You How!

9th December 2019

You've spent months planning your wedding to be as sustainable as possible. You've sourced the most environmentally friendly suppliers, cut down on waste, found vegan caterers, you've gone organic and biodegradable or reusable... but what about all of your guests? Do they have the same ethos as you and your partner?

Here are 5 easy ways you can encourage them to be the most environmentally friendly wedding guests they can be, without it being a challenge. 

1. Drinks

How To Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Be More Eco Friendly - DrinksThis should be a fairly easy one - especially if you can get your bar staff in on it! 

Simply ask everyone to reuse their glass every time they want another drink. It's surprising how much water, energy and cleaning product is saved when you're not continuously washing drinks glasses after every use. 

To make it more fun you can always hire or label glasses, and assign one to each guest to 'look after' throughout the day.

2. Outfits

How To Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Be More Eco Friendly - OutfitsSay you have 50 guests at your wedding. That's potentially 50 new outfits and 50 new pairs of shoes. Plus bags, jewellery, hats, belts and all the other accessories involved. 

By encouraging your guests to wear an outfit they already own, or to buy vintage/pre-loved, you are saving a whole lot of material, energy, and fuel by cutting out the fast fashion. 

3. Gifts

How To Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Be More Eco Friendly - GiftsThere are loads of sustainable or eco gift options out there if you people want to give you a token of their love on the day. From bamboo based products to adopting an animal in your name. Even better if it comes wrapped in brown paper, or recycled paper.

You can give people ideas in a traditional gift list style if you know your loved ones won't be too sure what to get you.

Better still, no gifts at all, or money towards something you're both saving for, or your honeymoon (check out these GREEN UNION partners: Aerende's gift registry and Buy Our Honeymoon's online services). 

4. Transport

How To Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Be More Eco Friendly - TransportEncouraging guests to carpool is another way of cutting down on your day's carbon footprint. Or even organising a coach or bus for those that are lucky enough to have all their guests fairly close together.

5. Confetti

How To Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Be More Eco Friendly - ConfettiThere are loads of biodegradable and natural options out there including fresh and dried petals, rice, or even homemade confetti made with leaves and a hole punch.

If people would like to bring their own, ask them to use one of these options instead of plastic pieces or coloured paper which may have toxins in it. 

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