GUEST POST - How to Select A Groom's Wedding Band by Sujain Thomas on behalf of Tungsten Rings

13th November 2019

Shopping for men's fashion wedding ring should be a special occasion in a man’s life. He will wear this piece of jewellery for many years to remind him of his marriage vows. As men do not often wear as much jewellery as women do, your wedding ring is the best way to flaunt your personal style. Whether you are scouting for a ring that is unique to your personality or something to match your partner's, these days you would be spoilt for choice. 

According to an article published on, you can opt for custom wedding bands, which are not too expensive as popular belief goes. Here are three tips to pick out men’s fashion ring for the big day: 

1. Color and Metal 

How to Start Selecting A Groom's Wedding Band by Sujain Thomas on behalf of Tungsten RingsFirst things first, it is the color and metal of the ring for your wedding that matter the most. Here are some of the most common metals for wedding bands:

Yellow Gold - Yellow gold is most popular and familiar metal in this modern world. But it’s important to know that gold rings are never pure gold. There’s always another metal mixed in for stability.

White Gold - White gold is a compound made of pure gold, blended in with white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium, with rhodium plating. This plating gives it a seem to be like platinum and is frequently utilised as a covering on jewellery. After some time, the covering may blur and the metal turns out to be progressively yellow in appearance—however it can generally be recoated later. White gold is additionally more affordable than platinum (see below).

Rose Gold -  A blend of gold and copper and now and again a tad of silver. Clearly, the measure of copper versus gold is going to influence whether that rose gold shows up increasingly reddish or even more a lighter pink.

Platinum - White/silver in shading, platinum is an extraordinary decision for a wedding band. Shockingly, it's more costly than gold since it's rarer. It's likewise incredibly sturdy, and rings made with platinum are regularly 95% platinum (with just 5% different metals blended in).

Though all metals have their benefits and drawbacks, you must choose what you love to wear. The metal you pick also determines the ring’s color, durability, and strength. Although you cannot resize them, rings made of Tungsten are damage and scratch-resistant. You can also choose from silver, black, rose gold, and yellow gold finishes. 

2. Additional Design 

How to Start Selecting A Groom's Wedding Band by Sujain Thomas on behalf of Tungsten RingsTypically, men’s wedding rings are simple, plain pieces without any design. If you want some design, it should reflect your personal taste and aesthetics. You can choose stripes for Tungsten rings, including many different inlats, thus adding some style and panache to the conventional look. 

You could flaunt a two-tone metal ring. For example, if you want a Tungsten wedding band, pick silver and black to add some pizzazz to the jewellery while maintaining the exclusive look of the metal. Then, there are patterns. Ask your jeweller to make some custom patterns to make your fashion wedding ring stand out on your big day. 

3. Precious Stones

How to Start Selecting A Groom's Wedding Band by Sujain Thomas on behalf of Tungsten RingsNowadays, men also like to add precious stones such as diamonds in their wedding rings. All this depends on your personal preference and style, of course, but why not slip on a sturdy and durable Tungsten fashion ring on your wedding day, the metal studded with sparkling diamonds?! You can pick from black ceramic or carbide styles and choose from gemstones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and of course, diamonds. The metal and your choice of stone will add a modern touch to a conventional wedding ring. A touch of sophistication with a robust metal, studded with precious stones is becoming one of most desirable wedding rings for men. 


Now that you have these tips handy, you can choose the best fashion wedding ring for you, making an informed decision and looking your best!

Author Bio - Sujain Thomas is a writer and a fashion expert. Nowadays her main focus is on wedding fashion and wedding accessories. Currently Sujain works for Tungsten Rings which makes men’s wedding bands. 


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