GUEST POST - 5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Savvy Technology into Your Up-Coming Wedding

25th November 2019

Technology is now a major focal point in our lives today. We rely on it to wake us up in the mornings and to fill our stomachs with Uber Eat options. Our lives are based around our smartphones and forgetting our phone at home means it is going to be a bad day. Due to its importance, the use of technology has slowly started making its way into other areas of our lives. This includes milestone events such as weddings. 

Social media has also helped to largely influence the use of technology in our lives. Thanks to 'live streaming' option offered by platforms like Facebook and Instagram we can now share content in real-time with our followers. The truth is smartphones receive vast amounts of bad press at weddings. Either because they are always getting in the way of the photographer's professional pictures or getting in the way of other peoples views of the ceremony. However, smartphone technology and technology overall can offer many unique and ingenious ways to enhance wedding celebrations and create fond memories for couples and their guests. Here's a look at a few unique ways you can incorporate technology in your wedding. 


5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Savvy Technology into Your Up-Coming Wedding - Snapchat and Instagram filtersDifferent types of Snapchat filters that can be personalised and customised to your taste.

Millions of people use social media which means most if not all of your guests will have some kind of social media platform app on their smartphones. Because of this, creating a hashtag to go with your wedding is a great way to see images and videos your guests have shared. You can also make the hashtag funny and interesting for your guests to use by making it catchy, adding a little personalisation and charm to your wedding. 

One of the best features of Snapchat has to be its personalised filters. Users can now create their very own customised and personalised filter for guest to use at the wedding. The filters can include different graphics along with names and individualised information. The use of the filter will allow your guest to take and share a picture via the app, loading it onto their 24hr stories. So once the days over, you can go back and take a look at the embarrassing dance moves you or your partner were rocking at the reception.


5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Savvy Technology into Your Up-Coming Wedding - the Apple WatchThe Apple Watch helps to monitor and record heart rate according to date and time

Wearable technology has vastly grown in popularity over the past years. The advancement in technology now gives us the ability to use it in ways which we were never able to. For example, many smartwatches now have inbuilt heart rate monitoring technology. This new feature can create something unique and rather personal for you and your partner. By using the data and metrics collected from the smartwatch, couples can use the heart rate reading as memories. For example, the reading form when you both say 'I do' or the reading from the moment you first see one another on the day. This makes for a beautiful keepsake which can be framed.    



5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Savvy Technology into Your Up-Coming Wedding - DronesCapturing your big day from a different perspective can make for truly unique images. Using technology such as drones to capture pictures and videos means you and your partner can be a little playful and a lot more imaginative with your images. Drones help to add different angles and aerial imagery, making videos look very professional. For example, the wide-angle on a drone can help capture your entire wedding party in one picture. Aerial photography can capture essential moments of the wedding, such as a birds-eye view of the bride walking into the venue. This can help you to create better memories of the day. However, there are some things to consider when thinking about booking a drone. They can be slightly loud once they are up in the air and if your venue has an echo, its probably best not to hire one. 


5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Savvy Technology into Your Up-Coming Wedding - Go ProSmall action cameras are great for capturing behind the scene moments, so why not use one in your upcoming wedding. The beauty of using one means you will be able to capture footage that your professional photographers will not be able to get from a first-person perspective. See the smiles on your guest's faces as they come up to congratulate you both or see their faces as they watch the bride walk down the aisle all with a GoPro secretly hidden in the flower bouquet. You will also be able to capture the moment the bouquet is thrown in the air, which is always a controversial event. 


5 Unique Ways to Incorporate Savvy Technology into Your Up-Coming Wedding - online weddingThe truth is, it is hard for all of your friends and family to be there to share your special day with you. As life gets increasingly demanding, it gets harder to be there for those we truly want to be with. However, apps such as WebWed lets couples share their wedding with friends and family around the globe. The app allows streaming of weddings so friends and family can witnesses your wedding and watch the marriage take place.

About the Author: Yasmita Kumar is a writer with an interest in technology and its impact on our everyday life. Professionally, she writes about Technology, Health and Fashion, and previously worked for the NHS.

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