GUEST POST - Here Comes the Bride and Her Smartphone: the Best Wedding Planning Apps for Every Bride-to-be

30th October 2019

Here Comes the Smartphone: a Look at the Best 5 Wedding Planning AppsWedding planning can be stressful, to say the least. Chasing those RSVP's and trying to make your wedding unique from every other wedding you've ever been to is quite a feat. Wedding planning at the best of times can feel overwhelming, no matter how many times you decided to tie the knot. However, thanks to smart technology, there's no need to worry about rounding up helping hands because your smartphone is all that you need. 

With thanks to numerous smartphone apps, the ease of planning a wedding will feel like a breeze. The purpose of these apps are to help take the stress and confusion out of wedding planning. They leave you feeling stress-free, giving you the time to concentrate on more important things, like cake tasting

There are an array of apps out there that can take the stress out of organising as well as offering some great inspiration for wedding decorations and favour ideas. Apps work well when planning a wedding as you can update and use them no matter where you are. You can also share ideas with friends and family making them flexible and more importantly, easy to use. Here's a look at just a few useful wedding planning apps.


Here Comes the Smartphone: a Look at the Best 5 Wedding Planning Apps - MintImage source - iTunes

When planning a wedding, it's easy to lose track of what you have spent money on, not forgetting to mention things like photographers and venue which are already quite pricey and have probably blown the budget enough. It's easy to go into debt by the end of your wedding and because no one wants that apps like Mint can be a godsend. Mint can help you keep track of your spending and will help you create a budget to cover the cost of essentials like your dress and cake but producing budgets. The app brings together all your bank accounts, bills and credit cards and makes them easy to access via your smartphone, helping you stay on top of your finances.

Top Table Planner

Here Comes the Smartphone: a Look at the Best 5 Wedding Planning Apps - Top Table PlannerImage source - Top Table Planner

Table planning may sound easy, to begin with, until you get into it and realise how many guests you cant actually sit together. Due to the level of complexity, this task can create, the Top Table planner app can help you dilute those heated debates and help you happily plan your wedding with your partner. The app is free to download and is easy to use. If you prefer using their website, there's an option for that too. The software will help you manage your guest list according to RSVP returns and lets users revise seating plans accordingly, adding and subtracting tables to fit your needs. Once satisfied with the seating plan, the app can convert it into a PDF, making it easier to share. This is an especially helpful feature as you can share changes with the venue or catering team with ease and efficiency. 


Here Comes the Smartphone: a Look at the Best 5 Wedding Planning Apps - JoyImage source - iTunes

Joy is an excellent app with many different functions. It is a unique platform for sharing pictures taken by the guest of your big day. The app will have you feeling like you have your very own social media where you can connect and share images with anyone in your party who uses the app. Its is also an excellent tool that helps your guest connect with one another before the wedding day, helping them get familiar with one another, creating a warmer atmosphere on the day. 

Wedding Happy

Here Comes the Smartphone: a Look at the Best 5 Wedding Planning Apps - Wedding HappyImage source - iTunes

The truth is everything today needs a schedule due to the hectic and busy lifestyles we all lead. Wedding happy is an incredible wedding planning app that helps you stay organised through all the wedding mess, making sure you don't miss an appointment. The app once downloaded and registered to will ask for your wedding date. Inputting your wedding date will build a customised schedule tailored just to you and your needs. It will help you decide on dates like when best to buy a wedding dress and when fittings should be done in time for your big day. Although every bride has their own checklist, the app provides users with a list of things to tick off like bridesmaids bouquets making sure every detail of your big day is covered. Through the app you can work and coordinate with others, helping you share the stress so you can get your Bride Tribe involved.


Here Comes the Smartphone: a Look at the Best 5 Wedding Planning Apps - PinterestImage source - iTunes

One of the most widely used apps for ideas and inspiration is Pinterest. With its abundant amount of users and non-stop idea generators, Pinterest really does have all the answers to your decor problems. The app is free and easy to use and only requires users to download and sign up to it. Once signed in, users can expect to be exposed to a wide range of content. The app allows users the ability to create their own personal boards and pin images that they are interested in, to it, saving them for later. The app is home to millions of pictures and is great to use for all different parts of a wedding. Be prepared to spend hours on this app, scrolling away and adding to your board. Pinterest is an excellent place for creative couples who prefer to add a personal touch to their wedding with many D.I.Y ideas.

About the Author: Yasmita Kumar is a writer with an interest in technology and its impact on our everyday life. Professionally, she writes about Technology, Health and Fashion, and previously worked for the NHS.

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