GUEST POST - All Town Music Explains How To Choose A Wedding Playlist for Everyone

11th October 2019

For many of us, our wedding is the most special day of our lives, a day to be spent with the people closest to us. What better way to bring together our friends and family than with music?

How to create a wedding playlist for everyone by All Town MusicCramming your playlist full of your favourite songs may seem like the best way for you to enjoy your day, yet there are dozens of guests from different generations and backgrounds who may feel differently. It’s important your guests can enjoy themselves as much as you, as these are the people who make the day so special in the first place.

It can be difficult selecting a playlist everyone will enjoy, and it can often go wrong if the bride and groom fail to consider anybody else’s preferences. Yet variety and personal taste are what makes music so beautiful in the first place, so if you can choose the right playlist to suit everybody, you’re onto a winner! Luckily, All Town Music are here to talk you through exactly how to do that.

Start strong

How to create a wedding playlist for everyone by All Town MusicThe choice of song for the first dance can have a big effect on the rest of the evening. Whilst it’s important to choose a song sentimental to you and your partner, it’s also important to recognise this is the song which introduces everyone to the dancefloor. A slow, romantic number can certainly get the tears flowing, however, if you want to fill the dancefloor and get the reception off to a vibrant start, something more upbeat may be more appropriate. This way, once the song is finished, the guests will be more tempted to join you and your partner on the dancefloor.

Hire a DJ

Hiring a wedding DJ is an understated move these days. In the age of Virtual DJ and Spotify playlists, everyone thinks they can try their hand on the decks. Yet wedding DJ’s are professionals for a reason. They are experienced and knowledgeable in a wide array of musical genres and understand how to read a crowd and get them socialising and dancing.

It’s easy enough to find plenty of wedding DJ’s online, where you can also find reviews from previous customers, to see if they fit what you’re looking for. Don’t be alarmed if it seems they have a different music taste to you at first. Remember they’re professional, so even if their music taste is different to yours, they will likely be able to adapt to you and your guest’s tastes, and will be knowledgeable of a variety of genres.

Suggest Songs

If you do decide to hire a DJ, you can still advise them on certain songs you would (and wouldn’t) like to be played. Although, it’s important to ensure you allow the DJ the freedom to work with the crowd and decide what to play.

It can also be worth asking for requests in advance from close friends and family members, in order to establish what genre and style they enjoy. The DJ can then gauge an idea of what to play and prepare similar songs in advance, which the guests will appreciate. Also, Wedding DJ’s can often be wary of taking requests on the day from just anyone.

Consider the age of your guests

One of the wonderful things about weddings is that they pack people of all ages into the same room. This is why it’s important to make sure they are all looked after.

For example, if there are young children present, it is worth considering the lyrics of the songs in advance. If there are any swear words in the songs it may be worth thinking of other options or even sourcing ‘clean’ versions of the same track. Also, including children's songs which they’ll recognise will help them to feel more involved during a day which is usually centred around adults.

With older guests, including music from their generation will bring back pleasant memories, enabling them to reminisce and feel more involved in the occasion. Also, a variety of slower songs spread throughout the evening, which aren’t too physically demanding, will encourage them to enter the dancefloor now and again.

Think about the number of guests

If you expect to have 200 guests at your wedding, then you could probably get away with having dancefloor fillers for the majority of the evening. Different people will come and go however there will always be enough people on the dancefloor at one time so it doesn’t look empty.

Yet, if you’re only expecting a small reception with a few guests, it’s better to keep the party anthems to a minimum. This is because there will be fewer people to occupy the dancefloor throughout the evening. It’s a lot to ask of people to remain on the dancefloor all night, people enjoy catching up and mingling at weddings too. So if you expect the dancefloor to be empty a few times during the evening, it may be worth including more slower songs. This way, the evening will look classy and civilised, whereas if there is more up-tempo music playing and the dance floor is empty, it looks like a bad party, even if the guests are just taking a break.

Timing is everything

Another thing to take into consideration is the organisation of the evening. Once the DJ takes control of the reception, ideally it will remain like this for the rest of the event. Once the atmosphere begins to build it's best to make sure there are no interruptions, even cutting the cake! In our experience, it’s best to have the meal, speeches and everything in between early on, then let the DJ have control afterwards. This ensures any momentum the DJ had built with the crowd won’t be disturbed.

There you have it! The key to choosing the perfect wedding playlist for everyone is variety. This way everyone can be involved throughout the evening and will hear songs they enjoy and are familiar with. Whether they’re old, young, fancy a boogie or a slow-dance, variety between genres and tempo is key. Also hiring a professional wedding DJ to take control will allow you to relax and enjoy your special day with all the people who make it special.

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