GUEST POST - Firework Crazy Tells Us Why Fireworks Are a More Eco Friendly Choice Than You Might Think

27th September 2019

Fireworks have historically had a bad reputation in an environmental context. However, your fireworks display doesn’t have to damage the environment. The choices you make when planning your display will help you ensure it’s as eco-friendly as possible. Here’s what you need to know about fireworks and their green credentials.

Be Conscious of Your Surroundings

Eco Friendly Wedding Fireworks by Firework CrazyIt’s essential to pay attention to your surroundings to ensure your fireworks have as little impact on the environment as possible. By talking to your wedding or party venue and understanding their policies, as well as any local laws or guidelines around fireworks, you will be able to steer clear of any issues. 

Avoid using fireworks in high winds or thunderstorms. Not only is this dangerous for both yourself and for your guests, from an environmental perspective fireworks could be blown away from any planned debris field. Although fireworks displays are typically low on debris, it’s still best to know where it’s going to land so you can tidy up what you need to!

Consider Using Low Noise Fireworks

Eco Friendly Wedding Fireworks by Firework CrazyThe majority of wedding and event venues are happy for fireworks to be used on site, subject to any specific rules and guidelines as mentioned earlier. You can further limit any potential disruption to neighbours by choosing low noise fireworks

Low noise fireworks aren’t quite silent, but produce a lot less sound than traditional fireworks do, reducing noise pollution to minimal levels.

If you’re holding an event at a location that is near a farm, at a theme park, or anywhere there is likely to be wildlife, animals, and small children, then low noise fireworks are an ideal choice.

Did You Know: Most Fireworks are Packed in Recyclable Materials

Eco Friendly Wedding Fireworks by Firework CrazyMost fireworks sold in the UK these days are packaged in recyclable cardboard. Although some rockets and other products may be packed in plastic as a matter of necessity, the majority of products are boxed and make is easy for you to recycle the packaging. You can even choose your fireworks based on whether they’re packaged in plastic or not if you want to. Speak to your chosen fireworks retailer to find out about their packaging.

Don’t Forget to Clean-Up

Eco Friendly Wedding Fireworks by Firework CrazyAs we mentioned while talking about the weather, whilst you have to account for a fall-out area with your fireworks, you don’t tend to find a lot of debris afterwards. Most of the firework explodes and dissolves so you won’t be leaving behind a lot of residue. 

You should always check and clear the area to make sure nothing is left behind. Do this the next day in sunlight to ensure you find anything that’s lying around, rather than trying to do it in the dark or by the light of your phone’s torch!

If you find any pieces of fireworks, gather them together and return to the retailer. They may be able to recycle large pieces of debris as well as any unexploded fireworks. Fireworks that did not fire should ideally be submersed in water before being returned for safe disposal.

Use a Professional Fireworks Company

Eco Friendly Wedding Fireworks by Firework CrazyHiring a professional fireworks company is a great way to ensure any environmental concerns are dealt with on your behalf. Specialist fireworks companies will be able to cater for all your needs, from planning the debris field and clean up to organising low noise fireworks. They’ll liaise with the venue and take care of everything on your behalf, too!

Your firework display doesn’t have to, and shouldn’t, have a big impact on the environment!

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