INSPIRATION - Different Ways to Wear Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses

23rd September 2019

Covertible bridesmaid dresses by The Conscious BrideImage of eco-friendly multi-way by GREEN UNION partner The Conscious Bride

The convertible bridesmaid dress has become so popular because of its versatility. Apart from being popular at weddings, it's also a timeless fashion item that can help you achieve a flattering figure. It lends itself well to both day and night functions. 

Convertible dresses may seem like some bit of work, but there are several styles you can use to achieve a great look. Here are some ideas!

1.   One Shoulder Twist

The one-shoulder twist style creates an asymmetrical look of the convertible dress. The design works best with all body types, but knowing how to pull it off is essential.

  1. Wear the dress with the sashes facing the front.
  2. Take both sashes and bring them over the right or left shoulder, depending on your preference. Ensure they overlap without any visible keyhole. 
  3. At the shoulder, crisscross the straps and twist them. 
  4. Separate the straps towards the end and bring each end under its respective arm to the front at the waist. 
  5. Wrap them around the wait and bring them back to the back.
  6. Tie a knot or bow at the back of the dress. 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated but modest look, this is the one for you. 

2.   Grecian Twist Cross Back

This is a style suited for both small chested and bustier ladies. It features twisted straps that cross over at the back to provide maximum support. Bustier ladies prefer the style as the cross back design provides for easy adjustment of the cup. 

  1. Take the straps and pass the left one over the right shoulder and the right one over the left shoulder.
  2. At the shoulder, twist each strap and cross them over at mid-back.
  3. Bring each strap to the front at the waist and wrap them around the waist.
  4. Pass them over each other and bring them to back and tie a knot or bow. 

The style looks different on each body type depending on how the twisting is done. The draping fabric creates some gathers on the chest, which are more evident on smaller chested bodies. 

3.   Knotted Tank

The knotted tank style is best achieved in brightly-colored dresses. One recommendation is coral. It’s also best for fuller chested ladies as the concentration of the two knots helps keep the bust in position. 

  1. Bring each strap over its respective shoulder.
  2. Bring them to the back of the neck and tie a knot. Ensure it’s not too loose or too tight to tamper with your comfort. 
  3. Let the straps flow and bring them to the front at the waist. 
  4. Wrap them around the waist and bring them to the back. Tie a knot or bow to keep them in place. 

Softer hues will make the small detailing of the knot to be very conspicuous. Check out a huge range of colour options on the Azazie site.

4.   Front Neck Twist

This style is best for ladies who don’t want to show off their décolletage. It fully covers the bust but leaves the shoulders uncovered. 

  1. After wearing the dress, bring the straps to the neck and cross them over as close to the neck as possible. 
  2. Bring them to the back of the neck and let the straps flow to the waist. 
  3. Bring them around the waist over each other and to the back and tie a knot. 

Look out for bulging skin under the arms. Smaller chested ladies would feel more comfortable in this style. It works best with a bandeau bra. 

5.   Cap Sleeve Tank

If you want a style that’ll cover up your girls during the ceremony, the cap sleeve tank is the one to go for. It’s ideal for ceremonies held in a place of worship.

  1. Wear the dress and pull the straps over the respective shoulders. Leave them at their full width so that they cover the shoulders. 
  2. You can cross them over at the back and bring them to the front at the waist. 
  3. Wrap them around them the waist and bring them to the back.
  4. Tie a knot.

Adjust the width at the waist to suit your preference. However, note that the style doesn’t give as much support as the others highlighted above. 

Take Away

Your wedding day is a great opportunity for you and your brides to rock in beautiful outfits. You can experiment with different dress styles by going for the convertible bridesmaids’ dresses. These allow you the versatility to experiment with a variety of designs. 

Among them are the cap sleeve tank, front neck twist, knotted tank, and one-shoulder twist. Have a professional help you with tying the straps to achieve the best look. You want to be confident that your girls are the envy of the crowd on your big day. 

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