INSPIRATION - Celebrant Kate Shares Her Top 5 Tweaks to Make Your Sand Ceremony More Sustainable

20th September 2019

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My thanks to Celebrant Kate for sharing these ideas with us!

What is a sand ceremony?

This is a gorgeous unity ritual often used at weddings and baby naming ceremonies. After choosing sand colours which are meaningful to you, you pour coloured sand alternately into a vase or other container whilst making your vows. This can be romantic, magical (there was even a Harry Potter themed sand ceremony!) and totally suited to your particular tastes and beliefs. The resulting sand design is yours to keep forever. It will be there to remind you both that on this day you took the elements of your separate lives and joined them together. As the grains of sand can never be separated, neither can your lives together.

And best of all, this beautiful ceremony can involve anyone in your family – it is perfect for blended families, or for including new members into an existing family. I have even conducted a sand ceremony for 9 members of a family as part of welcoming their new baby. Now that was a very colourful bottle of sand at the end.

But it set me thinking – what is the environmental impact of sand ceremonies and how can this be minimised? After researching and experimenting I have come up with some simple tweaks which I am sharing with you today.

Here are five top tips for making your wedding sand ceremony sustainable and eco -friendly ceremony with these simple tweaks.

1) Sustainable Sand

Ask your supplier if the sand you are using is ethically sourced. Is it ethically harvested, without harming the environment? Alternatively, you can get sand which is sourced in England to cut your carbon footprint. As you will be using a relatively small amount of sand you could fill a bottle with it at the beach on your next holiday! Be warned though, you will need to sieve it to make sure it is fine enough to dye and use.

2) Cut the chemicals

Ask your self – how is neon pink sand created? It is possible to make additive free colours for sand without adding harmful chemicals using chemical free food colouring. The colours can be just as vibrant but they will not be harming the environment.

3) Use An Upcycled/Meaningful Container – romantic solutions to finding the perfect vessel

You will be keeping your finished sand ceremony forever as a symbol of your love. How perfect to have it in a container you have found together! Go looking in charity shops, junk shops and at boot fairs for a quirky used glass container which you both love!

4) Natural Texture and Colour

In between each layer of sand you can add lavender or dried petals. This has the advantage of bringing natural colour and definition to your sand pattern. It also makes the sand ceremony a feast for the senses as the heady scent of lavender enhances your vows. Lavender is the colour associated with femininity and is the perfect addition to your day.

5) Biodegradable Glitter

If you want your sand to have a subtle shimmer or even be a riot of glittery fun, you can do so without harming the environment. Use biodegradable non-metallic glitter, mixed in with the sand to create layers which shimmer and shine like the love you share, but do not damage the environment.

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