ADVICE - How To Plan a Green Hotel Wedding, Courtesy of The Killarney Hotel Group

16th September 2019

Looking for ways to make your big day a little greener? Holding your wedding in a hotel could be the answer!

Selecting a venue is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make as part of your wedding planning. Your choice will also set the tone for the day’s celebrations and will also more-than-likely takes up most of the budget. Bearing all of this in mind, it’s important to get it right. 

Why Opt for a Hotel Wedding? 

Many modern couples are choosing to tie the knot at a hotel. This is partly due to the decline of ceremonies that take place in places of worship and the rising popularity of secular venues. This has opened up more options for brides and grooms-to-be as both the ceremony and the reception can be celebrated in one venue. This allows couples to plan a day that is more catered to their unique tastes while also reducing the carbon footprint of the day, and saving money on venue decoration and transportation costs.    

Hotel Weddings: A Greener Option? 

If eco-friendliness is a big factor in your venue choice, then a hotel wedding could be the best option for you. By opting for a local hotel, you can slash your carbon footprint as:

  • Guests won’t have to arrange transport between the ceremony venue and the reception venue. 
  • The overall travel time to and from the wedding will be reduced. 
  • If the hotel offers an outdoor option – even better! This will allow you to cut down on energy costs. 
  • Another good idea is to ensure that all food provided by the hotel is organic and locally-sourced. 

If you are thinking about holding your special day in a hotel, then you should check out the below infographic which comes courtesy of the team at The Killarney Hotel Group.  

How to Plan an Eco Hotel Wedding


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