GUEST POST - Get Back to School with Eco Friendly and Reusable Stationary from SUCK UK

28th August 2019

With devastating news about climate change dominating the conversation lately, there’s a new emphasis on sustainability in every decision that we make. And of course, that includes our buying decisions. 

Now, more than ever before, consumers are keeping an eye on the environmental impact of the products that they buy, and choosing eco-friendly items wherever possible. This trend is affecting retail as a whole, and the stationery market is no exception. With September fast approaching and school children gearing up for another year of education, the demand for eco-friendly stationery is on the rise. 

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly solution to all your stationery needs, you won’t be disappointed. There are some amazing recycled, reusable, plastic-free products available. Just take a look at a few of our favourites. 

Reusable Notebooks

Eco Friendly Stationery from SUCK UKNow the idea of a reusable notebook might sound a little strange, but bear with us on this one. This beautiful reusable leather notebook doesn’t have to be thrown away once you’ve scribbled on every page. Instead, it can be refilled with scrap paper, as many times as you like. It’s a great way to reuse waste paper in the workplace, and it’s perfect for those hoping to limit the environmental impact of their studies. 

Cork Stationery 

Eco Friendly Cork Stationery from SUCK UKMore and more of us are avoiding plastic, having seen the horrifying impact that single-use plastic is having on the planet. Thankfully, many products that are typically made from plastic can be just as practical and functional when designed in eco-friendly materials. Cork is a great replacement for plastic, and it looks brilliant too. Look out for new takes on office staples, such as this cork cube tape dispenser. It’s geometric, sculptural and environmentally friendly. It even doubles as a tiny memo board, for those little reminders. 

Sustainable Organisers 

Eco Friendly Cork Stationery from SUCK UKMany of us are in the habit of writing to-do lists, appointments and other reminders down in notebooks and diaries. But what if we told you there was a switch you could make that’s just as practical but will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint? It’s just a case of reusing our organisers, and cutting down on paper usage. This sustainable cork desktop planner can be used time and time again. It comes with whiteboard panels and a dry-wipe pen, and there’s plenty of room to pin tickets, notes and other mementoes onto the cork section. 

Eco-Friendly Desk Accessories 

Eco Friendly Cork Stationery from SUCK UKA good looking desk equals a more productive working day. Well that’s what we tell ourselves anyway! And the best part is, beautiful desk decor doesn’t have to be damaging to the environment. Keep your eyes peeled for new sustainable versions of classic designs, and start creating an inspiring workspace that gets you thinking. No office space would be complete without a globe, and this cork globe is perfect for those looking out for mother nature. Add pins to show where you’ve been, and where you want to go next. Adventures await!

Sustainable stationery is set to be huge this September. For more eco-friendly stationery ideas or gifts for school returners, take a look at the full collection available at SUCK UK.

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