SUSTAINABLE LIVING - How to be a Conscious Consumer, by Madison Adams

16th August 2019

How to be a conscious consumer by Madison AdamsWith as much news as there currently is about climate change, we should be incredibly conscientious about the products we are consuming. This can range from not buying as many products to making sure you support companies who are ethically-minded. 

In a world that is as big as it is and with a problem as large as climate change, it can feel daunting to reverse many of the effects that we have had as a people on our world. Many times, people get overwhelmed at the thought of climate change and typically do not know what to do in order to help.

It is also common for people to feel like the problem is so big that there is nothing they can do to change it or make it better. That is not the case. There are many things that we can do to help avoid making our environmental conditions worse. 


Probably the best thing you can do in order to be a conscious consumer is to educate yourself. Through education you are able to learn what problems we face and what you can do in order to help.

When you understand a problem it typically makes it less scary. Looking at climate change as a problem to be solved rather than an insurmountable problem comes with becoming more informed. 

Not only should you be taking the time to educate yourself on the climate issues themselves, but you should take the time to educate yourself on the products that you use regularly and their impact on the environment.

Daily Actions 

Reducing consumption and waste is a big part of being a conscious consumer. It does not mean that you have to totally reduce all of your consumption, since that would be unrealistic for many people. What you can do is find ways to reduce what you are consuming.

For example, a great way to reduce needless waste is to have a reusable water bottle and coffee thermos. By having reusable items, you will reduce your consumption levels. Reducing your consumption levels requires some creative thinking, but your quality of life does not have to suffer. 

How to be a conscious consumer by Madison Adams

Think Before You Buy

Be aware of what you are consuming. Taking the time to think before you buy is a great way to make sure you actually buy what you need. It does not mean that you cannot treat yourself to something nice, but it does mean that you purchase things in a mindful way. 

Buying second hand or thrifted clothing is a great way to be able to get new clothes without contributing to the fast fashion industry. There is a massive problem with fast fashion in our world, and the fashion industry is one of the top contributors to pollution. Try to support brands that use sustainable materials, like hemp or bamboo fabric. 

How to be a conscious consumer by Madison Adams

Being Smart About Your Consumption

While you may not be able to single-handedly change the state of our environment, you can try to not make the problems worse. Through research, education, and awareness you can make sure you are supporting brands that are ethical and responsible when it comes to our environment.

Talking with your friends and family is also a great way to help. Share with them what you have learned about consumerism and share your tips with them on how to become a more conscious consumer. Our environmental problems are big, but together we can make a difference that starts at home with the items we consume. 

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