GUEST POST - Plan Your Hen Do with Facebook Messenger

5th August 2019

Going digital is definitely a positive eco-friendly step, and the lovely folk at Facebook recently contacted me with this timely reminder. We organised our wedding reception using a Facebook group page, so it can be done! Whether it is you as the bride, or your designated bridesmaid/bestie, here's a list of tips and tricks on how to plan like a pro with the help of Messenger.

Plan your hen do like a pro with Facebook MessengerHen parties are incredibly important: whether it's a wild celebration or a time for relaxation, it’s crucial that everything runs smoothly and that the bride-to-be is sent off in style; this often makes organising it an absolute nightmare. 

Get Personal

The best way to get the party going before it’s even started is to personalise the group. A lot of time and planning goes into arranging a hen party, so it’s a good idea to give the admin a light-hearted twist.

  • Nicknames are always a great way to get the banter started. If the hen party has a theme, try incorporate it into the nicknames given, or you could even get them printed on a t-shirt for the big day. That said, don’t dish out nicknames to anyone you don’t know! 
  • Once everyone’s added, why not rename the group? In most cases, the cringier the group name, the better, but we’ll leave that bit up to you.
  • On the topic of themes, you can customise the chat by adding a colour. Planning a trip to Marbella? Go for the sunset orange fade. A glamping trip in the Cotswolds on the cards? There’s even a grassy green. 

Do Your Research

Now the conversation has kicked off, it’s time to get to know the group. Hen party attendees can range from the bride’s grandmother to old work colleagues, and there’s a large chance you won’t know everyone there.

Messenger has the useful advantage of linking each group member to their Facebook profile, as opposed to other messaging platforms where all you can see is a stream of overly-excited messages from ‘+44 78 2347 5629’. To get a sense of who you’ll be partying with, simply tap on the group name banner, scroll to ‘see group members’ then click ‘view profile’ on anyone you don’t recognise.

Tag the Lurkers

It’s inevitable that there’ll be two or (god forbid) three lurkers in the group who literally. don’t. reply. to. anything. With lots of admin to do, this can massively delay the process and cause unnecessary stress having to chase. On Messenger, you can directly tag them in a mention by typing ‘@’, meaning they can’t avoid you as easily.

Avoid Confusion

To make sure your message isn't lost in the group chat, make use of the 'message reply' function. Simply long-press on the message you want to reply and tap the 'reply' icon to quote the message above your response. You can hit 'reply' to GIF, video, emoji, text and photo message and see the full original message in your text thread, so people know exactly what you're responding to.

Share Photos and Vids

Messenger also comes into use when the hen party is over. Utilise Messenger to share the funniest photos and videos – particularly footage of the bride – to the whole group. You don’t even have to sacrifice on quality or speed when sending.

By following these simple tricks, the admin behind a hen party will be massively minimised, leaving more time to enjoy the fun parts of planning and ensuring that you’ve got the best plans in place for the bride-to-be.

Plan your hen do like a pro with Facebook Messenger

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