GUEST POST - Charlene Russell of the Cherry Tree Cakerie, Explains What to Expect from Your Wedding Cake Consultation

26th July 2019

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Charlene a few months ago, and was so impressed by the quality of her work. A wedding cake consultation is just one of the unique things you will do on the run up to your wedding day, so I thought she was just the person to share her thoughts on what to expect from your wedding cake consultation, both specifically with her, and with all goof cake designers in general.

Cherry Tree Cakerie: what to expect from your wedding cake consultation"Ok so this one’s easy, you get to eat cake and forget about table plans for an hour, right? Yep, that’s entirely true and frankly it’s one of the major perks of wedding planning, but it pays to be prepared…

Let’s meet...

Aside from feeding you up with three of my delicious flavours over a cuppa, it’s my chance to meet you and really get to understand what floats your boat, design something uniquely special to you and be on hand to answer (and ask) those practical questions that you never thought you would need to think about.

Also, and at the risk of sounding like a right big head, it’s your chance to meet me. I don’t mean in the ‘oh my God I just met Mary Berry’ kind of celebrity meet but you need to like and get on well with your wedding suppliers; they need to get you and your vision for your special day and hopefully I can meet that criteria.

Get the Kettle On…

Cherry Tree Cakerie: what to expect from your wedding cake consultation

My consultations are intended to be relaxed and informal so get ready to eat, drink a cuppa and chat (although you will be treated to my best china)! I’ll have an Amazon playlist going on the Sonos (usually ‘chilled acoustic’ vibes) and you may also be welcomed by our tabby cat, Marley, who is friendly and loves nothing more than a fuss. Don’t worry if you’re not a cat person, he’s quite happy to be stowed away in the comfort of the living room. 

The Design Process

There’s nothing I love more than talking weddings and cake so forgive me if I get more than a little enthusiastic! As we talk through your ideas and formulate a design, my eyes will light up and my sketching may go into overdrive. The creative process of designing something bespoke and special to you as a couple is what drives me and if I can get your eyes to light up at the prospect of your wedding cake then my job is done.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a definite idea of what you would like; it’s my job to tease that out of you, pick your brains and suggest ideas to help to reach a design that you’re excited about. I have a range of display cakes on show for you to have a look at and they come in particularly handy when it comes to explaining cake sizes and showing you different decorating techniques to fire your imagination.

What Happens Next?

Cherry Tree Cakerie: what to expect from your wedding cake consultationAfter we have reached a design, I will be able to provide an accurate price dependant on the size and level of detail required for your cake, and will follow up your consultation with a fully detailed quote and a colour sketch of your wedding cake. 

If you then wish to lock in your order, a booking fee of £100 will secure your date and fear not, if you have a change of heart on design or would like to make any changes, these can be made right up until 4 weeks before the big day. In the meantime, I’m always on hand if you need advice, whether that be cake-wise or if you need some help with other wedding supplier recommendations.

Top Tips

Finally, I shall leave you with some advice for getting the best from your wedding cake consultation:

  • Have a good look at the wedding cake designer’s portfolio. Does their style and ethos match yours and does their work excite and inspire you?
  • Have a think about when you will serve your cake. Serving it as a dessert or as part of the evening food will make a difference to the portion sizes you might need.
  • Bring inspiration (a link to your Pinterest board is always welcomed!); it will help your cake designer to establish your likes and, just as importantly, your dislikes when it comes to your style.
  • In light of the above point, please don’t expect your cake designer to create a carbon copy of another cake designer’s creation. By all means, bring inspiration but allowing creativity will result in a cake design that is uniquely yours.
  • Trust the cake designer when it comes to the practicalities, as they know their medium well and can advise you of the possibilities.
  • Don’t eat a huge meal beforehand!

If you would like to schedule a consultation then please feel free to contact me with your wedding date and requirements."

You can find out more at, and also follow her work on Facebook and Instagram.

Images by Nicola Dawson Photography.

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