ADVICE - GREEN UNION Partner, Bambi, Share Their Top Tips for Growing and Preparing Your Hair for Your Wedding Day

5th June 2019

Our lovely partners, Bambi, are vegan hair stylists and make up artists based in Kent. There is a lot of advice out there on how to prepare your hair for your big day, so today, they have collated it all in one place for you!

Growth and Condition

GREEN UNION Partner, Bambi, Share Their Top Tips for Growing and Preparing Your Hair for Your Wedding DayMost people think they need to grow their hair as long as possible to achieve any kind of ‘up’ style. This isn’t always the case and in fact, believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much hair! Ask your wedding hair hair stylist what is best for you personally, to make sure you have the optimal hair length for your chosen style. Some styles work best with layers, others with shaping around the front, others all one length etc. Ask the expert, it’s what we are here for after all!

If you do need to grow your hair, I would always go with the ‘less is more’ tactic; quite literally, the less you cut it, the more it has a chance to grow. Many, many hairdressers will tell you that you need regular trims every 6-8 weeks to get it as long as possible. But this simply is not true (but is a great way to get you in more regularly!). The only time this might be of use is if your hair is so damaged that it is at breaking point. 

What you want is to extend the time in between cuts to only when it really needs to be cut (maybe every other colour visit) and when you do have it cut, take off the bare minimum. In between your cut appointments is the most important time. If you look after your hair, it will grow so much quicker. Here are my top tips to growing your hair: 

1- Heat

It's just terrible for your hair. If you really want your hair to grow, you need to quit it with the heat. If you leave your hair to dry naturally before styling it, it can make a huge difference long term. And if you do need to use heat - use a heat protect spray! But be careful, a LOT of them contain plastics and silicone and actually coat your hair in a nasty layer you can't get off very easily. You want a plastic and sulphate free one for maximum long-term hair health.

2- Serum/Oil

A lot of people are scared of serum because they think it makes their hair greasy or weighs it down. If this sounds like you, you're most likely applying it too high up, or buying a bad quality product. The best serums for your hair are things like argan oil as it is a dry oil which soaks in rather than leaving a layer on the surface. A gallon of pure argan oil costs around £3000 ... so the cheap argan oils barely even contain any. It's one of those things where you really do get what you pay for.

So how do you use argan oil? The best tip is to put it in when your hair is wet. After you've washed it, you can put a nice big blob of serum in your hands, rub them together and run it all through just the ends of your hair. (From your ears down) That way it can't make your hair greasy as it's nowhere near your scalp.

My favourite way of doing this is to bend over to turn my head upside down, as you have much more control over how close it gets to your scalp. I usually then just scrunch it through, tip all my hair back over and comb through.

Putting the oil on to wet hair allows the serum to soak in as it dries, trapping moisture as it does rather than sitting on the surface of your hair.

3- Brushing

Brushing is for dry hair - combing is for wet hair (or even better, use a tangle teaser). Also, if you only comb/tangle tease your hair wet when it's got serum in it, the tangles will come out easier, avoiding breakage and will help coat every strand.

4- Diet

Most people don't know this, but between 82% - 87% of your hair is made of protein, so you need to eat lots of protein to maintain a healthy hair growth! Great sources of vegan protein are...

  • Seitan
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans (especially black beans)
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Peas
  • Quinoa 
  • Soy milk
  • Oats
  • Wild rice
  • Chia seeds
  • Artichokes 
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Spinach 
  • Broccoli

It’s also worth remembering that super shiny, super healthy hair is actually the most difficult to work with and the most likely to drop out of style. So if your hair isn’t brightening up the room with its shine - it’s really ok! Don’t panic about it, it can actually be a bonus!

When Should You Visit Your Hairdresser for Your Pre-Wedding Cut and Colour?

GREEN UNION Partner, Bambi, Share Their Top Tips for Growing and Preparing Your Hair for Your Wedding DayIt’s best not to have anything too close to the day, just in case! I recommend at least a week before, minimum. This way if there is anything at all that needs touching up or changing, there is still time to do so without panicking. Especially with highlights; the colour may not be quite be sitting right around your hairline once your hair is pulled back into an up style. It’s an easy fix, but only easy if you have time. 

The Night Before Your Wedding 

GREEN UNION Partner, Bambi, Share Their Top Tips for Growing and Preparing Your Hair for Your Wedding DayThis is the best time to get everyone in the bridal party to wash their hair. There are two reasons for this:

  • your hair won't be too fresh and fly away; fresh hair can be difficult to work with and quicker to fall out of style;
  • it also guarantees your hair will be completely dry to the very core. If you hair has any moisture in it, curls will drop out really quickly. So make sure it is bone dry!

Washing and drying the night before makes for maximum hold! Also try to avoid putting products in your hair other than heat protect spray or serum/ oil. Anything like mousse, hairspray or gel may be detrimental to the finished look.

My thanks to Bambi for sharing these fabulous tips with us today - look out for more expert advice from them next month!


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