GUEST POST - Caravan Rental Ideas for your Outdoor Wedding by Outdoorsy

29th May 2019

Today, RV rental marketplace Outdoorsy share their thoughts on how you can intergrate caravans, campervans and motorhomes into your outdoor wedding, both as guest accommodation and honeymoon transportation!

Caravan Rental Ideas for your Outdoor Wedding by OutdoorsyOutdoor weddings are such a gorgeous green option. No matter what country you’re in, even what city, there’s the perfect spot for your outdoor wedding. Incorporating a caravan into your wedding is also becoming a popular option as it combines a repurposed, vintage feel, with convenience and style. Whether you choose to use one to transport your guests between venues or you choose to house your guests in RVs, there are plenty of options that not only add to your wedding experience but are also great for the environment.

Affordability & Adaptability

While RV’s may seem like an expensive addition, depending on the location of your wedding, using RVs as housing can be extremely practical and affordable. Having your guests pay for hotel rooms or cabins can easily add up. If you are having an outdoor wedding, renting multiple different RVs and caravans can be more affordable. Think about your magical day, surrounded by nature and everyone can stay there as the stars come out to celebrate your union. At the same time, your guests will potentially have showers, bathrooms, a kitchen, you name it. All of the festivities can happen in one place.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Set the mood for an open and inviting event. Either transport your guests in a bio-diesel RV or have solar campervans ready for a down-to-earth, wedding. RVs are known to create a community feel and this will be especially true with all of your friends and family are there to celebrate you and your loved one and they get to spend time together surrounded by nature. 

Reduce and Reuse

There are so many different kinds of RVs that you can add to a smaller carbon footprint for your wedding. Many campervans are vintage vehicles upgraded with repurposed material and environmentally friendly options including solar power, composting toilets, and equipped with reusable utensils and cookware (so you don’t have to bring your own, or throw away disposables. The flexibility of this pursuit allows you to have a glamourous wedding while reducing waste and reusing certain essentials. There are many ways that you can incorporate RVs, caravans and travel trailers into your wedding, to suit what works for you. You can use them to house your guests, transfer them from one venue to another, or even use one for a photo booth.

Outdoor Dream Wedding

What is cuter than wedding photos with your love in front of an old Volkswagen bug or inside a quaint caravan that’s been completely renovated? Not only will you and your guests love the photos but they’re something unique to you and your significant other. If you and your friends and family are the adventurous type, or if you have a special place that is significant to the two of you, then you can bring your wedding on the road and end up in whatever remote location you like best. 

An Early Start on a Honeymoon

Think about it. Once the party is over, you can step into an RV and begin your honeymoon immediately. You’ve got everything that you need with your campervan. A kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, wine chilling in the fridge and breakfast in bed ready to go. Plus, all that you need is one another.

Renting caravans for your wilderness wedding is one of the greenest ways to bring your family and friends together and celebrate you and your new spouse in a unique way. Finding the perfect RV for you and your ceremony is easy. Just think about where you’re getting married and what kind of set up you want. They’re affordable, offer eco-friendly options, and will make for a story that everyone will tell for years.

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Caravan Rental Ideas for your Outdoor Wedding by Outdoorsy

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