INTRODUCING - New GREEN UNION Partner, The Little Horse Photo Box

24th April 2019

Today we welcome new partners, The Little Horse Photo Box - theirs is an inspirational story of how so many new businesses can embrace both technology and environmentally-friendly ideas at the same time...


Adam and Anna of The Little Horse Photo Box with Rosie, the UKs only solar powered photo booth

Hi, we are Adam and Anna and we are the creators of Rosie, the UK’s only solar powered horsebox photo booth!  We both come from a background in photography and me (Adam) am an award-winning photographer in both weddings and motorsport, I also used to work for HM The Queen looking after her race horses.  Anna is an accomplished photographer too and has travelled the world to such places as Bahrain and Texas shooting speed machines!

An Idea

I think we came up with the idea for Rosie over a glass or 2 of wine one warm autumn afternoon while we were looking for ideas to build our business.  We had seen some great horsebox conversions such as the Dotty Mare’s travelling bar and wanted to do something similar but around photography.  So, the combination of horsebox and photography was a definite for us, but we wanted to be “green” too.  We had recently switched our office and home power to 100% renewables and wanted to in some way do the same with Rosie…. at this point Rosie was not called Rosie, but I’ll come to that soon. 


The Little Horse Photo Box, the UKs only solar powered photo boothCould it be done, can you run a professional standard photobooth from solar power, has it been done before, where do we start… those questions and more needed to be answered before we started on this journey.  Using solar to run Rosie seemed to tick lots of boxes with us, not just she would be ‘green’ but would literally be able to be set up anywhere without the need for mains power.  But how could we accomplish this?  After approaching various companies dealing in solar we found one that fitted the bill and had experience in similar projects before.  So, with some bonkers maths done we found our solution to the biggest question, how do you run a solar powered photobooth in the dark…. Yes, it is possible!!!


I have referred to our horsebox as Rosie as that’s the name given to her by her previous and only other owner!  Rosie is a 30 something from Essex and has been in the same family from new and, while showing her age a little, she was structurally sound and a perfect starting point for our venture.  

Upcycle and Reuse

The Little Horse Photo Box, the UKs only solar powered photo boothWe were conscious in the renovations that we should wherever possible reuse as much original material; our bench seat is made from the soft partition which was used to separate the horses in transit and parts of the pallet our solar panel came on.  The steel frames holding the batteries are made from the same partition and the new rear door also come from the partition.  Some things had to be replaced with new, such as the front window – but this is made from 100% recycled material and the old window is now part of the diffuser for the front light!


To tow Rosie to events we were planning on using our trusty Land Rover, but as we all know these vehicles produce their own pollution which kind of defeated our solar plans.  We thought, how can we off set this?  Hence, for each trip we will plant a tree through the Carbon Footprint organisation to offset our carbon emissions.  These trees are planted in the East of England and each hirer gets a certificate from the Carbon Footprint in their name.

Fun Times

The Little Horse Photo Box, the UKs only solar powered photo boothWhen you hire Rosie, you will be getting (as far as we know) the only solar powered horsebox photo booth in the UK!  She comes with a wide selection of props, these can be tailored to your event as it’s not just weddings we go to.  On each visit 2 sets of prints are produced, one for the ‘posers’ and one to go in the guest book we provide for the hirer.  We also provide all images on a USB and if you are that brave… a realtime upload to Facebook!!!

Rosie can also run on full digital, meaning no prints – which is even greener!  Images in this mode are uploaded to a gallery where you can view and share on the night via social media and direct to people’s smart phones.  She can also create gif’s (short videos) which is great for the digital age!

Rosie is great fun at weddings, but she is more than happy to go to other events such as music festivals and charity events.  She can be customised to suit pretty much any event from special props to stunning photo backgrounds.  

The Little Horse Photo Box, the UKs only solar powered photo booth

What’s next?

We have a few ideas up our sleeves for Rosie and how we can develop her to provide even more for hirers - your phone is always going flat, right..? 

My thanks to Anna and Adam for joining the GREEN UNION team, and for sharing more about Rosie and their wonderful eco-business with us today. I can't wait to see what they come up with next, but for now, find out more about them here

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