REAL WEDDING - Katy and Matt's North London Green Wedding, captured by Lilly Sells Photography

13th March 2019

Katy and Matt's eco ethical wedding captured by Lilly Sells Photography

In my capacity as a floral designer, I've attended A LOT of weddings (albeit briefly on the day!), and I've often left, wishing I could have stayed as the couple were fabuous and you could just tell that the day was going to be immense fun. When I received this submission from the lovely Lilly Sells Photography, I could tell instantly that the wedding of Katy and Matt in North London was precisely one of those weddings! 

Lilly explained: "I would love to submit Katy & Matt’s beautiful North London wedding to you at Green Union. As a couple they were such an inspiration to me in terms of how they went about creating a beautiful wedding that wasn’t a strain on the planet. They strove to be as eco-friendly as possible and their special day had a real community feel at its heart. 

Many aspects of their wedding, such as their cake and desserts, seasonal flowers and table decorations were all hand made by family & friends. Katy herself is an artist who works with old ceramic objects she finds, giving them new life. These too were displayed proudly on the guests tables. She made sure to choose a wedding dress that could be worn again; it’s about to be dyed and used as a bridesmaids dress soon. Likewise, Rainbow Club, where she purchased her shoes, offer a dyeing service to prolong their usability. Since their wedding day they have given certain decorations to friends which now adorn their homes. Their table runners are about to be made into a quilt. I think this is such a wonderful idea. It’s so lovely that they have re-used so many details from their wedding and are now surrounded by objects which will help preserve such a magical day in their minds."

Katy & Matt's North London Eco Wedding captured by Lilly Sells PhotographyWell, I couldn't agree more! I'll now let Katy and Matt take over and tell all...

The Date

21st April 2018

The Venue/s

Hornsey Parish Church & Scout Hall

Tell Us About Yourselves

"We met as teenagers in college and have been together ever since – nearly nine years so far. We have both lived in London for nearly three years, Matt working as a journalist and Katy as a crafts artist. When we got engaged we knew we didn’t want to wait around for a long time (we’d spent long enough getting to know each other already, after all) and managed to organise everything in seven months."

Tell Us About Your Eco-Ethical Ethos, and How You Reflected That in Your Wedding Planning

"We are both concerned about the environment and try to make changes in our lives to reflect that whether that’s with our ethical bank, buying less single-use stuff or our reduced-meat diet.

When we started wedding planning we knew that we wanted to find what was most important to us and focus on that. We also knew that for budget and environmental reasons we didn’t want to buy anything that we couldn’t use again as we knew how much unnecessary waste a wedding could create. Luckily we have very generous and helpful friends and family who lent us things from their own weddings or shared their skills; in fact the same set of fairy lights have been used by at least 4 couples now. Katy used some of her crafts skills to design the invitations and service sheets, and to repurpose some of the decorations such as all of the fabric table runners which are soon to be a quilt for our home. We made our own wedding rings at Katy’s workshops and did decorations ourselves using simple flowers, foliage and reclaimed vintage glass bottles.

Handmade Wedding Rings - Lilly Sells Photography

Katy & Matt's Green North London Wedding - Lilly Sells PhotographyOur extended family and friends love to get involved and wanted to help so we encouraged people to bring home-baked cakes for an afternoon tea, and it was a lovely way to include everyone (the church congregation appreciated the leftover cake too!) One of the most important things to us was that we had good quality and well sourced food, this is why we sought out Wilde’s Cheese company who produce handmade cheese near us in London. It was one of the most fun parts of our wedding planning too as we had many tastings and even made our own cheese that we infused with a beer from our hometown. We have had so many compliments about the tiered cheese cake they made for us and I can’t recommend working with them enough."

Wilde's Cheese Company for an Eco Conscious Wedding

So many lovely ideas here for reducing waste, minimising environmental impact, and creating a day that is authentic to you! My thanks to Katy, Matt, and Lilly for sharing the day with us.

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PHOTOGRAPHY - Lilly Sells Photography "When we were picking photographers we were looking for something warm and candid with only a few formal poses. We were so lucky to have already heard of Lilly’s work, her style definitely suited us but also had a great eye and seemed to capture people’s personalities. We had such a great experience working with her and Rich and will treasure the beautiful images they took for years to come. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants that same warm beautiful approach to their wedding photos."

DRESS - Dig For Victory

SHOES - Rainbow Club



ENGAGEMENT RING - Rachel Jones Jewellery 

CATERER - Eat Square

CHEESE CAKE - Wilde's Cheese

CEILIDH BAND - Ceilidh Tree 

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