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18th March 2019

Linda Thomas Eco Design

Linda Thomas Eco Design is dedicated to purely ethical fashion, specialising in creating unique wedding outfits that let your soul shine through

I'm delighted to have Linda back with us for another year; the loyalty of our Partners is something I'm very proud of and humbled by, especially throughout all the changes I've made to the site and its future. We can look forward to hearing more from Linda over the coming months, when she'll share with us some wonderful projects she has be involved in.

Linda has an exceptional breadth of industry knowledge and a limitless talent for design, and she lives as she believes (earning her a 'perfect 10' on our Green Gauge). She won the title of Young Designer of Nottingham several decades ago, then promptly went on to study Medicine. She now combines her passion for People and Planet by sharing her professional life between designing and healing work.

"My work reflects my beliefs and I only make ethical clothing. What could be a limitation of using upcycled fabrics is actually an inspiration for me and I often come up with more creative ideas by having to use only the materials that are available. I make each piece individually by reworking with beautiful materials such as silk, cashmere, merino and linen and hand felting features such as collars or trains. 

For bespoke pieces, the design process involves me making detailed measurements, discovering what you feel fabulous in, and then starting a creative journey together. I have a passion for colour, shape and originality. Each wedding dress is entirely unique, with no two garments ever the same. Imagine having something tailored to fit your body and your ethos. I enjoy working around your unique requirements, whether body shape, size, or adaptations post-surgery or for a disability. My joy is in creating clothes that let you see how beautiful you are."

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Linda Thomas Eco Design - Luis Cruz Photography

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