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8th March 2019

Buy Our Honeymoon is the wedding gift list service for your dream honeymoon. It’s a polite way of asking for cash wedding gifts to help fund your honeymoon, and a meaningful way for your guests to give them.

Like many of us, perhaps you’ve been living together for a while, and your wedding doesn’t mark the start of making a new home together. You’ve already got all the traditional kitchen implements and dinner settings you actually need, and you’re not super keen on the idea of filling your home with more stuff that might ultimately be destined for landfill. And weddings are expensive! Once you’ve paid everything for the day, finding the extra cash for your honeymoon isn’t easy.

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift lists for more memories, less stuff

Buy Our Honeymoon’s service is designed to help with this problem, in a way that your guests can enjoy. Your wedding gift list becomes a snapshot of your honeymoon plans, and your guests can fund individual aspects of your trip, or even to contribute their own ideas! Instead of a set of bed linen, your guests could buy you a night of your stay.  Instead of wine glasses, your guests could buy you a drink at the airport.

It’s so much more meaningful than simply asking for cash, and it means your guests can feel that their gift to you is more concrete and memorable than just the amount that they’ve spent.

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift lists for more memories, less stuff

The service is completely independent, so you can make your actual travel arrangements with anyone you like, whenever it suits you best. You don’t have to have everything decided in advance, and you can make your list as simple or as detailed as you wish. It’s easy for you to set up, and simple for your guests to use.

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift lists for more memories, less stuff

Buy Our Honeymoon was created by Shelley and Andrew Green back in 2005, to use for their own wedding. Their dream honeymoon US road trip was funded by their guests, who were so enthusiastic about the idea that Shelley and Andrew decided to launch it as a business two years later.

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift lists for more memories, less stuffOur honeymoon was one of the best experiences of our lives, all thanks to our family and friends. Their gifts were so meaningful to us, far more than more things for our home could ever have been. Stuff is weak, it breaks and it wears out. But those memories have grown and are still incredibly precious to us. They’re the best wedding present we could ever have hoped to have.

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift lists for more memories, less stuffBecause the service is so flexible, you can include anything you can think of on your list. You could have gifts to help offset the carbon footprint of your travel, or to invest in the local economy of your chosen destination. You can fund a honeymoon without flights as easily as one to a tropical island.

As an indie wedding business, Shelley and Andrew are able to offer personal support to every couple that uses Buy Our Honeymoon, and can help tailor the service in countless different ways so that it works perfectly for each couple’s unique circumstances.

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift lists for more memories, less stuffBuy Our Honeymoon doesn’t take their fee out of the gifts you’re given, and you’re always in total control of your funds. The service has a simple, one-off fee of £49 and a week’s free trial. 

And if you sign up using promo code GREENUNION, they’ll take off a 20% discount! Just click here to find out more!

Buy Our Honeymoon - gift registry for more memories, less stuff

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