Picking a wedding photographer a 10 step guide

16th September 2018


Putting you in the frame. 

10 Tips to help you choose a wedding photographer. 


1.When picking a wedding photographer your budget may determine who your photographer is but like anything creative, some photographers are better than others and their pricing ranges from £1500 to skies the limit, not all sites put on their pricing and many want you to send them an email so it is worth preparing one in advance and shop around.

Sarah London Photography


2. If you know you are an off the wall kinda couple, then you need to find a photographer from your tribe. i.e someone that is going to reflect the real you. Most photographers will be happy to go off piste because they are creative people.


Ed Brown Photography3. Pick someone you like and who makes you feel relaxed. They may be with you from the beginning to the end of your day and you need to work together.

Matt Parry Photography

4.You don't need to keep local, all photographers worth their salt will be happy to work at a new venue, so it is worth shopping around.

Matt Parry Photography

5. You need to be specific with your photographer in what you want from the day, photo-wise, i.e relatives do make the best pics in my opinion so you need to tell them who you want photographed. Do check how long they are going to be around on the day because a lot of those fun shots can be very late at night.

Peach And Jo

6. If you want something simple and traditional, stick to your roots, this is your day and you are paying. You can start at the cermony and take family shots at the venue and call it a day before lunch.

Marshal Gray Photography

7. You will see the term documentary  photographers. This means that your day will be documented for you and your partner from start to finish, and you will be working and planning the shots very closely with your photographer.

Gavin ForsterThey may also suggest a specific location to take some special shots of you. For example a scenic shot in the countryside or a rural shot at a specific building.

Amber Marie Photography

8. Cinamatography is when a camera man will come and film live footage on your wedding day.  These do vary a lot from a "how we met small documentary " to just footage at the venue. Prices from £1500.

Jennifer Jane

9. Experience is a big thing because what you will need is gentle direction. There needs to be a certain amount of trust and co-ordination on the day and you need to understand what you both need. You may need to round people up, control children while still being free to talk and enjoy your day.

Carine Bea Photography

An experienced photographer will have made mistakes in the past, gone off on a tangent, taken average photos, forgotten lenses or batteries, but only once! 

10. If you have a friend who offers to do the photos for the day think twice say "great can you do the evening and the childrens shots" but do employ a professional.





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