ADVICE - 10 Tips to Help You Choose a Wedding Photographer

16th September 2018

1.When picking a wedding photographer, your budget will likely contribute to who you will choose; be prepared for a creative and experienced photographer to have a starting day rate of £1500.

Sarah London Photography

2. If you know you are an off the wall kinda couple, then you need to find a photographer from your tribe. i.e someone that is going to reflect the real you. Always check out the 'About' section of their websites.

Ed Brown Photography

3. Pick someone you like and who makes you feel relaxed. They may be with you from the beginning to the end of your day and you need to work together.

Matt Parry Photography

4. Your venue will likely have some preferred suppliers, which is great as they will know all the best spots for photographs. However, only rarely will you be tied to their list of suppliers, so ordinarily, nothing will stop you from looking around. If the person you find hasn't shot there before, it's a great opportunity to meet each other, and for your photographer to prepare all those great shots in the best locations, if you combine your consultation with a venue visit.

Matt Parry Photography

5. You need to be specific with your photographer regarding what you want from the day, photo-wise. Prepare a shot list for them well in advance of the day so they can prepare.

Peach And Jo

6. You will see the term 'documentary photography'. This means that your day will be documented for you and your partner from start to finish, and you will be working and planning the shots very closely with your photographer. Another term in 'reportage', which refers to a non-intrusive, unposed style of capturing images.

Marshal Gray Photography

7. However, if you want something simple and traditional, stick to your guns. You can start at the cermony and take family shots at the venue and call it a day before lunch if you so wish! But be conscious that the photographer you book would be unable to take on another job that day, so in peak season, willingness to waiver significantly on fees may be understandably in short supply.

Amber Marie Photography

8. Cinematography or Videography of your wedding day will capture film footage; the options available will likely vary considerably, in length and depth of coverage. If budget allows, this is a wonderful way of adding another dimension to your memories, one that still images alone cannot capture. 

Jennifer Jane

9. Their professional experience is a big deal if you feel you require more than a little direction on the day. There needs to be a certain amount of trust and co-ordination on the day and you need to understand what you both need. Building a professional rapport with your photographer makes this process much easier - an engagement/pre-wedding shoot is a great place to begin.

Carine Bea Photography

10. If you have a friend who offers to do the photos for the day, but you're uncertain, why not ask if they can cover a part of the day you're not so bothered about (such as the bridal and groom prep, which leaves them to enjoy the rest of the day)? If budget allows, the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional will be worth its weight in gold!

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